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India: tips for tourists


To tour India dreams of almost every fan of the exotic. Someone attracts an amazing culture and customs of this country, someone close to the religious and philosophical teachings of the Hindus, and someone who admires the stunning local scenery and majestic architecture.

India is a unique country in which all and everything exists in harmony with yourself and nature. Every traveler should at least once to visit here, to fully enjoy the acquaintance with the distinctive local culture, relax on clean beaches and to experience the incredible unity with nature, which arises here from those who are willing to open up your soul beautiful exotic India.

But it is so unusual, alien to us in the country always have certain peculiarities in customs, and ignorance of these points may cause a considerable number of unpleasant moments. Make your holiday in India would not be marred by such surprises, and during the trip, you've experienced only pleasant emotions, we have prepared for you a small but useful list of tips on what you can and cannot do in India.

In India it is not customary to shake hands. The role plays a greeting gesture similar to prayer: folded under her chin the palm of your hand.

In India it is not customary to publicly show feelings, so hugging and kissing in full view of local residents is not necessary.

To turn to the Indians is only by name.

Cafes and restaurants in India is to choose a well-known principle that where the cook, there is always a lot of visitors.

Spicy food in India, order not worth it — even if you love a large number of spices in food, Indian cuisine and still find something to surprise you, and that surprise is not always pleasant — the Indians put in food really, really a lot of hot spices.

Long-haired women in India should not go with her hair — it is necessary to braid her hair, to collect the tail or do any other hairstyle.

Carefully use gestures — a completely simple and innocent in your view movements and facial expressions can carry a very negative meaning. For example, rotated in the direction of a person, the soles of shoes — is a sign of disrespect.

If you plan to go to a local temple for a tour, dress modestly. It is also worth remembering, that the entrance to Indian temples need to take your shoes off.

Indian rupees are prohibited to bring in and take out. The best option is to exchange currency at the airport, but you can also apply for this service at local banks, exchange offices of the state or the administrator of the hotel.

Trading in India not only possible, but necessary everywhere. The only exception — the state stores that have fixed prices.

Beggars in India it is better to ignore — it will save you from many unpleasant moments.

Matter how surprising it may sound, but pick up before the trip several padlocks — they will be useful in order to fasten the backpack or duffel bag during trips to the Indian public transport and in order to close the room from inside.

When you check into an Indian hotel always check the availability of hot water.

Drinking water in India from the tap (not to mention natural sources) is not recommended. For these purposes, drink only bottled water, it is clean water.

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Date of publication: 15.01.2015

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