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Game of swords — tour of Cordoba


Cordoba, one of the most ancient cities of Andalusia, opens to fans of the Saga «Game of thrones» unique tour under the promising title «swords» (Juego de Espadas).

As explained by the choice of such a sonorous name for its excursions the organizers of «Game of swords" of the fictional worlds of George R. R. Martin's hugely popular with millions of fans from all over the world, and the true history of Cordoba, filled with mysteries, intrigue, political and military battles, not less interesting than the events «Song of ice and fire».

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Therefore, the name of the historic tour highlights the amazing similarities of fantasy and reality, which is sometimes stranger than fiction.

The program is devoted to the period of the conquest of Cordoba by Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor, king of Hungary and Bohemia, which took place in the first half of the XIII century.

The exploits and treachery, devious intrigue, and a bloody battle closely intertwined in the long history of the ancient Arab capital of the Iberian Peninsula.

Author tour Juego de Espadas, Jose Manuel Morales, offers travelers to explore the spectacular route of the historic events of the medieval legends of the majestic Cordoba.

The participants of this historic journey get acquainted with the history of Ancient córdoba, its landmarks and unique architectural monuments. Embark on a fascinating walk through the picturesque narrow streets of old Cordoba, discover the local history of the knights Templar and visit the fascinating pageant, vividly recreating the exciting atmosphere of the Spanish middle ages!

Tour «the Game of swords» is held from 7 September 2014 on Saturdays. The program starts at 20:30, duration 2 hours. Ticket price for adults — €11, for children under 11 years old entrance is free.

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Date of publication: 10.09.2014

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