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Helsinki: Christmas and new year events 2015


The Finnish capital is actively preparing for the celebrations of the New year and Christmas, and this year the organizers promise guests of the holiday some interesting surprises. One such innovation will be changed Christmas markets in Helsinki – two of them at  this year will be held in the new format.

Christmas fair Saint Tuomas, which is held in the Finnish capital for more than twenty years, will delight its visitors to expand its range and increase in the number of entertainment programs. Previously, this festive marketplace was very popular and attracted many visitors, but in recent years, according to the organizers, Christmas market  began to take the momentum and public interest in him has somewhat subsided. So to Christmas and 2015 new year holiday fair Saint Tuomas in Helsinki will be transformed and Shine with new colors.

Only on the territory of the Christmas fair of Saint Tuomas, every day will be opened more than a hundred retail outlets: tents, pavilions, kiosks and stalls. The usual assortment of winter bazaars will also be expanded to designer jewelry, handmade work, branded accessories and apparel. Also here you can buy all kinds of books-from children's stories to classic literature, original crafts, lots of food and sweets.

In the center of the fair marketplace will operate a small cafe, a bistro and a large restaurant, in which visitors will be able to purchase almost any food. Here will be sold a variety of dishes – from the common fast food to traditional Finnish dishes, Christmas sweets and vegetarian menu. Also during the fair will be selling different varieties of mulled wine, and alcohol.

Another innovation this year will be the vintage carousel that will be delivered and installed in the Central square. Bright musical carousel in the centre of Helsinki will be one of the key symbols of these winter holidays and is sure to appeal to children of all ages.

Schedule of the fair Saint Tuomas: from 10:00 to 19:00 every day from 8 to 21 December 2014.

Another Christmas market in Helsinki, which will also undergo changes this year, it's a fair Old student house. Winter holidays 2014-2015 market goods art meet in a new place – in the cultural  center “a”.

During the Christmas fair the Old student house, visitors this year will be able to see the work of 150 of the best masters of Finnish folk art and purchase your favorite items, crafts and Souvenirs. Also, there are regularly held interesting workshops and there will be a festive concert program.

Schedule of the fair the Old student house: every day from 12 to 21 December 2014.

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Date of publication: 15.10.2014

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