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Greece: 15 places of interest


Greece is like a palette lover, artist. The Golden light of the sun gently mixed with transparent blue with touches of sea waves and shining white sand of the coves fishing in harmony with the velvety green of olive groves, connecting in an amazingly beautiful picture that can last forever.

There is no place for mediocrity and half – only bright, rich colours merging in daring combinations. They fascinate and fall in love at first sight. Greece – it is a treasure chest of wonders, where everyone will find his piece of happiness.

Set foot on Greek land, from the first seconds you will feel floating in the air magic. Everything seemed to be created from a singular reality which has no room for trivial things. Every inch of land has its own history and its myths. Want to see the amazing sights of Greece? the Mountain Parnassus, which became home to the muses, the castalian magic source, able to give true divine inspiration, and the legendary Delphic Oracle are waiting for you to tell your incredible story, shrouded in ancient mysteries.

Greece – it's a real cradle of ancient culture, which was born the amazing myths and legends, the ancient heroes and the muses, gods and monsters. It is Greece that gave the world the Olympic games, today has become an iconic sporting event for each country.

And yet Greece has become today one of the most popular tourist countries. Travelers from all over the world dream of lands of Greece, which for many was a dream come true. White Greek beaches, the length of which is more than 13.5 thousand kilometers, amazing architectural monuments, historical sights, picturesque landscapes and of course amazing cuisine – all this makes a holiday in Greece in this tale. And modern hotels, excellent infrastructure and the most modern creature comforts make this story comfortable and very pleasant.

landmarks of Greece:

Athens. One of the oldest cities in the world, which became the cradle of magnificent ancient civilizations that survived for centuries and many UPS and downs. The beautiful capital of Greece, where almost everywhere there are incredibly beautiful places for walks, tours and photo shoots. Here harmoniously coexist ancient sights: the architectural ensemble, built in the time of the Ottoman Empire and modern architectural structures.

Acropolis. the Historical part of ancient Athens, which housed when the main Shrine of the city. Today tourists can walk on top of the Acropolis is famous for ancient temples and preserved ancient buildings.

Parthenon. A majestic symbol of Athens. The Parthenon-is a temple built in honor of Athena Parthenos. Over the centuries of its existence the Church was the Orthodox Church, a mosque and even a weapons store.

Temple of Zeus. The Grand temple building, which originally had 104 columns, but today from them survived only 15. Once inside the temple was a magnificent statue of Zeus.

Theatre of Dionysus. One of the most ancient theatres, are known to the world. Built in the 5th century BC on the Acropolis hill. In the theater there were 67 rows for the audience, which could simultaneously accommodate about 17 thousand people.

Cape Sounion. Known through the ruins of the temple of Poseidon, which was once situated in the most prominent part of the Cape. Built of white marble, the temple once served as the daily guiding beacon for mariners. Today, unfortunately, from the beautiful temple there were only 16 columns, one of which still bears the autograph of Byron.

Area of Kolonaki. On Kolonaki square are the most famous Greek museums and art galleries, restaurants and cafes. Here you will find a variety of shops of famous brands, and in between shopping you can take a little rest with a Cup of coffee or a glass of light wine on the outdoor summer terrace.

Outdoor cinema. Here you can enjoy movies under the open sky. Cinemas surrounded by flowers and trees that creates a wonderful relaxed atmosphere.

Crete. The cradle of the Minoan civilization and the largest island of Greece. Crete is connected with the legend about Icarus and Daedalus, there are the ruins of the Palace of Knossos. Most of the most popular Greek resorts are located here. But the island is not similar to solid resort – Eastern and Western districts of Crete conquered by its natural beauty and special flavor. Here you can see the pristine Greece, free from the countless crowds of tourists.

Island of Rhodes. Today, the island is very popular among fans of active sports and boat trips, but it is famous thanks to its historical heritage. Around the island are still strewn with thousands of ancient statues and ruins of ancient buildings.

Peloponnese. The South of Greece. Lush green citrus groves and the white caps of the mountain peaks, wild beaches in their pristine beauty and enchanting beauty of Greek nature. Most of the inhabitants of Greece, tried to escape here, to relax from the urban bustle.

Nafplio. The city became the first capital of independent Greece, the famous Turkish fortress Palamidi, the Venetian castle and beautiful alleys, overgrown with poplars and olive trees. The coast around the city there are numerous good beaches. Nearby, on the coast of the Saronic Gulf, the famous health resort of Tolon.

Delphi. an Ancient Greek city, with its sanctuary of Apollo, the Oracle and the temple. Here was held the Pythian games. Yet Delphi is famous for the unusual phenomenon – “the Delphic echo”. Every word here, even the quietest whisper, the word catching on and echoes all around.

Circuit. One of the largest monastic complexes in Greece and is located on the rocky peaks. Now there are 6 monasteries (2 female and 4 male).

Delos and Santorini, island of Cyclades. Scenic archipelago in the southern Aegean sea. Thanks to the famous traditional Cycladic architecture of the island of Delos and Santorini is sometimes called ‘white Islands”.

Mount Athos. A Peninsula in Eastern Greece, famous in ancient times. For a long time live here Orthodox monks.

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Date of publication: 03.01.2014

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