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The 2013-14 ski season in the Pyrenees starts in December


According to the forecasts of the ski season in the Pyrenees can begin before mid-December – in the Spanish mountains for the first snow fell.

For the first snowfall for several hours in the mountains, located above 1000 meters above the sea level fell about 30 cm of snow.

The snowfall was very intense, especially in the area of Val D ' Aran, so the owners of hotels and mountain lodges are preparing for the opening of the new ski season.

Of all the ski resorts in Spain for the 2013-2014 season is expected to be around 5 million tourists.


Popular ski resorts in the Pyrenees:


Located in the valley balje de tena, in the heart of the Pyrenees. This ski resort has 82 tracks, the total length of which is about 137 kilometers. The resort also has a well-equipped children's ski Park «Jardin de Nieve”. The complex of Formigal predict the title of best ski resort in Spain.

The resort has 1 ski school and about 90 instructors.

Location: 470 km from Madrid, 370 km from Barcelona, 85 km from Huesca.

The height differences: 1510-2250.

Cerler Ski resort

The highest ski resort in the Aragonese Pyrenees – Cerler. It is located in the Benasque valley, surrounded by 60 peaks with a height of 3000 meters. The ski resort of Cerler has 59 tracks with a total length of 71 km.

The resort has 5 ski schools and about 150 instructors.

Location: 535 km from Madrid, 315 km from Barcelona, 135 km from Huesca.

The height differences: 1500-2630.

Astún Ski resort-Candace

Astún and Candace – two connected Spanish ski resort, with a total length of 80.5 km. of tracks Total number of tracks: 93.

The resort has 3 ski schools and around 195 instructors.

Location: 485 km from Madrid, 385 km from Barcelona, 105 km from Huesca.

The height differences: 1530-2400.

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Date of publication: 11.11.2013

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