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Freedom of choice

Gastronomic cruises


Today tourists have become boring and bored with the usual travel, so ordinary sightseeing-museums it is no surprise.

The majority of travellers – both experienced and beginners – to strive to try something new and, if possible, the most unusual.

As the desire of the buyer – it's the law, almost all travel companies are constantly developing new tours, planned itineraries and unusual travel programs.

Cruise companies are no exception – sea travel is also becoming more interesting and original. For example, today you can order cruise culinary program, during which you not only taste the different dishes, but will take a master class from a professional chef.

Gastronomic cruises can be booked from different companies:

Celebrity Cruises: Top Chefs

Celebrity Cruises, American cruise company, the 2014 season offers tourists several theme cruises related to learning the subtleties of gastronomy. During the trip, all guests of Celebrity Cruises liner can take a master class from the stars of the popular cooking show Top Chefs. Vacationers will be able to participate in various cooking competitions to see fancy tricks and cooking secrets.

Windstar: Saveur

During themed sailing cruises from Windstar tourists will be able to undergo special courses of gastronomy, during which all participants will not only teach new recipes and the finer points of cooking one of the countries on the route of the liner, but will in detail acquaint with its culinary history. Gastronomy Windstar cruises conducted in conjunction with the publication Saveur.

Silversea: L'École des Chefs

Cruise company Silversea, together with the French company Relais & Ch&goiânia;teaux offers its guests to enjoy the charm of authentic French cuisine and to learn the subtleties of cooking delicious French sauces and snacks. In addition, participants of the master class will teach special culinary “chips”, including quick knife handling and serving.

One of the teachers for gastronomy courses will be David Bilsland of the legendary school Le Cordon Bleu.

Oceania Cruises: Bon Appetit

Cruise ships Riviera and Marina from the company in conjunction with the Oceania culinary center Bon Appetit offer in 2014 with their guests to special culinary courses, which will be a professional chef the Culinary Institute of America. The cost to complete the culinary course Bon Appetit will be 69$ per participant.

To participate in this master class you need to register in advance, as the number of participants is limited – not more than 24 students from each class cabins.

Holland America Line: Food & Wine

Ships cruise company Holland America Line in conjunction with popular American gastronomy publication the Food & Wine and specialty Culinary arts Centre by specialized master-classes, where passengers will be able to learn the secrets of cooking from the professionals. The training is in small groups, tuition costs – from 29$ per person.

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