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Fiji: cruise on a submarine


The island was Laucala, which is part of the territories of the Republic of Fiji, offers guests an unusual type of cruises. Now tourists can enjoy a cruise on a submarine off the coast of Fiji — agree, this unusual voyage indeed even the most experienced traveler!

Tourists who dare to order such a submarine cruise, waiting for the mass of vivid impressions and exciting discoveries. Underwater ocean walk will last one hour, and during that time passengers review miniature submarine will sail from the Central beach of the island was Laucala to the inner reef Islands, where they can see many exotic representatives of the local underwater world.

During minicruise in the bathyscaphe, you will be able to see the sea turtles and tiger sharks, stingrays, exotic tropical fish and underwater predators that live in the local coral reefs.

Minicruise to double the submarine is only available for guests of the resort have Laucala. The price of this scuba trip is $2000 per passenger.  

Futuristic overview of the micro-submarine DeepFlight Super Falcon can dive to a depth of 460 meters (during the cruise, the dive will be approximately 20 metres). Due to the unique design of the wings, this miniature submarine is a pleasure demonstrates high maneuverability and a smooth ride. The design of the passenger compartment with protective acrylic domes provides the capability of 360 degrees.

Double DeepFlight Super Falcon submersible was designed and constructed by designer Graham hawks, known for his work on personal submarines and premium-class submarines, designed specifically  for a film about James bond. The cost of the submarine model DeepFlight Super Falcon is about $1.7 million.

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Date of publication: 05.12.2014

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