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If you've lost your passport abroad


Even the most careful people sometimes lose things or documents. Sometimes these losses are just unpleasant, and there are no consequences except bad mood not to have, but in some cases, for example, in situations of loss of the documents, the situation can be much harder.

Especially on a large scale the effects is usually loss of documents abroad – to stay without a passport in a foreign country, to put it mildly, rather unpleasant, but if it happens during such a long-awaited trip, a tourist can only sympathize.

But because situations are very different and unpredictable, this turn should be prepared at least in order to try to avoid it. So, what to do if a tourist lost his passport abroad?

Stole a passport: the police

If you lose your passport while abroad, the first thing you need to do – to pull myself together and calm down because panic is no good in such a situation will not result.

Further should be possible faster to contact the police. To find your nearest branch of the local police in different ways: view online, to ask passers-by to approach the COP to find on a paper or electronic map, etc.

The local police you have are to issue a record or certificate that the owner of the lost passport must be maintained. The resulting document is proof that you have applied for the theft or loss of the passport, and it must be presented in the Ukrainian Consulate.

Keep in mind that in some States, especially in exotic countries in Asia, only a few police officers speak English at a good level. The same can be said of police officers of provincial cities – “Outback” the same Spain, France or Italy, you can expect misunderstandings and difficulties in communication with the police because of ignorance of languages.

Stole a passport: an appeal to the Consulate

The next step – appeal to the Ukrainian Consulate about the lost passport. Before you go to the Consulate, be sure to make advance 2 passport size photographs (3.5 x 4.5 cm).

Almost everywhere in Europe, you can find booths instant photo, so you don't even have to go to the shop. In less developed countries, unfortunately, this can cause some difficulties, but to find some photo Studio is still possible.

Next you need to find two witnesses who will confirm your identity. It should be the citizens of Ukraine that are also in this country at the same time. The best option – your friends or relatives who came to stay with you. But if you are traveling alone, you can always look for in social networks one of the compatriots – in these situations, usually someone always responds and helps.

Important: In case of loss of passport abroad, the Consulate does not always require a “present” witnesses to confirm your identity, but if you still said it, and find someone you are unable, without assistance, you still will not leave, and will definitely solve the issue ID.

In the Consulate of Ukraine you will need to show issued by the local police Protocol or a certificate to take photos, fill out a form and write an application for temporary certificate of return to Ukraine.

To obtain a certificate is very desirable to provide the originals or photocopies of any other ID – internal passport, driving license, pension certificate, etc.

Also when applying be prepared for the fact that you will have to pay the visa fee (usually it is equal to €40).

If together with the passport at the Ukrainian tourist stole the money and pay the fee, he can not, the certificate on return to Ukraine can be issued for free. It is necessary to write a special petition is.

If you submitted to the Consulate all the documents and pay the fee, the certificate will be given on the day of submission of the application, but in the case when other documents from the victim no tourists, and employees of the Consulate has to send a request to the Ukraine, this process may take several days.

Attention! validity Period of provisional certificate of return to Ukraine – 30 days, so to return home to recover documents you will need before the expiry of this period. Renewal of certificates is allowed, but can only extend it once, and then the unforeseen and valid reasons – accident, serious illness, etc.

Within three days after returning to Ukraine, you definitely need to contact the local OVIR – to surrender provisional certificate and apply for the restoration of the lost passport. Term of registration of passport in Ukraine after the loss is usually 10 to 30 days.

Useful tips and recommendations for tourists:

  1. Never leave your passport as collateral or for safekeeping-this can lead to very dire consequences, especially in a foreign country.
  2. Before the trip, make photocopies, scan or photograph your documents. Keep in mind that when you photocopy the pictures tend to become dark, and the text – illegible, so the best option-photocopied, stored on a device or in the Internet, e.g. Google drive or mail.
  3. Seasoned travelers suggest even to prepare for the situation of loss or theft of passport in advance to prepare before the trip, in the language of the country in which you are going to go for a vacation, Cribs with the most common emergency phrases. The correct sound and spelling of key phrases, for example “I'm a tourist, I was robbed”, “I lost my passport”, “I need medical help” or “I am a foreigner, I stole a passport” you can find online, ask friends who know this language (if available in your environment) or even just write from dictionaries and phrase books.
  4. Before leaving for a tour abroad write and put in the passport, purse, handbag, etc. a small note with the address of the hotel or hostel where you are staying, your contact phone number and a local telephone reception, e-mail, etc. the Chance that your documents will find and return, of course, is not very large, but it exists, so you should think about this option.
  5. Also before going to rest can take some photos in advance – still you will do photos for the visa (they are the same size), so a bit to be safe in case of loss or theft of your passport, and print a few pictures is no longer difficult.
  6. Before departure from Ukraine find address and phone numbers of the Ukrainian Consulate in the country you are visiting and write down the phone book, or store it in fast access to the Internet. Be sure to check and verify the data found since and phone numbers, and addresses can change. 

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Date of publication: 13.10.2014

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