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Tour in the bunker of Mussolini


The authorities of the Italian capital announced that the personal bunker of Benito Mussolini, located in the wine cellars of a Roman Villa Torlonia, will be open to the General public.

From 31 October 2014, the Italian citizens and foreign tourists can visit personal secret bomb shelter Mussolini, leader of the National fascist party.

Going on a trip to the bunker will be by appointment only. A secret bomb shelter created for the former fascist dictator, will be available for tours for the first time.

In 2006 tourists for some time could see two others, never completed the bunker also built for Mussolini, but the tour in the Italian air-RAID shelters were soon discontinued.

The real legacy of Mussolini is not the first time attracted attention recently: at the beginning of this summer, the Greek authorities announced that the Villa de Vecchi on Rhodes built for Benito in the 30-ies of the last century, will be transformed into a tourist hotel.

Erected by the Governor of the Dodecanese Islands, by count Cesare Mario de Vecchi, the estate was supposed to be the summer residence of the Duce, the dictator but so never and did not have time to visit it. Now on the basis of “Villa of Mussolini”, as it is called in our days, the planned large-scale reconstruction, which will turn into a huge dilapidated mansion in a modern hotel complex with a developed infrastructure and modern services.

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Date of publication: 27.10.2014

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