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Freedom of choice

Cracking art the original exhibition in Milan


In the period from 4 to 31 March 2015 the tourists, vacationers in Milan, will be able to visit an unusual exhibition and to do a lot of original photos.

During this period, the city will host a Welcome to the (City) Jungle — a creative exhibition of sculptures made from recycled plastics.

A lot is made in the style of pop art huge plastic figures of animals and insects, is made of plastic bright colors, will be located in the most unusual places of the city.

The authorship of the sculptures Cracking art specified within Welcome to the (City) Jungle belongs to various designers and artists from around the world. The purpose of such unusual installations — to demonstrate new technologies and to attract public attention to the problem of recycling of plastic.

Cracking art sculptures (art from recycled waste) from time to time appear in different major cities of the world. These installations are quite popular and already organized in Rome, new York, Sydney, and also in some other cities.

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Date of publication: 05.03.2015

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