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Costa Diadema: liner Museum


In November 2014 the cruise liner Costa Diadema owned by Costa Crociere, will transform from a vehicle into a veritable Museum of art – on the deck will host a unique exhibition of contemporary art.

Costa Diadema, dubbed the «Queen of the Mediterranean sea», from 8 to 22 November this year, will open for its passengers exhibition, consisting of nearly 8 thousand paintings, sculptures, art photos, design and graphic works. All the exhibits are linked by a loose interpretation of the theme «Majesty».

«Floating Museum on 12 decks», as already called this new cruise liner Costa Crociere, will open to the public creations as world-famous artists-modernists, and young Italian artists. Among those represented on its decks works will feature the work of such titans as Sam Havadtoy and Mario Donizetti, as well as Roberta Savelli Vanni Cuoghi, Resi Girardello, Andy and Claudio Prestinari – representatives of the young generation of creators.

477 sculptures, digital works, InterMedia objects and paintings will be used to design the cruise ship, which will be accommodated in the restaurant, on the stairs and in the atrium of this “floating gallery”.

Exhibition on Costa Diadema will be held on 8, 15 and 22 November 2014. This cultural event will mark the celebration in honor of the christening of the ship – 7 Nov 2014 the new ship Costa Crociere officially receive his name.

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Date of publication: 29.09.2014

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