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Freedom of choice

What is forbidden in the UAE?


United Arab Emirates, like every other country, has its own customs, rules of conduct and prohibitions.

It is worth noting that the rest of the UAE, which is so appreciated by tourists from other countries for the continued comfort and high level of security is that it is through these rules and laws that are strictly enforced. And, accordingly, the implementation of all the rules of this country are strictly controlled by the local guardians of law and order, which, in turn, adhere to the position that the Law is the same for all, and his ignorance does not relieve the offender from liability.

So that travelers who went to rest in the Emirates, don't get in trouble, we have prepared for our visitors a short but helpful list of rules of conduct in the United Arab Emirates. From it you will learn what is allowed and what is forbidden in the UAE and why.

  1. The first most important and most strict rule for tourists in the UAE — is the prohibition of any type of drug. For their attempt of import to the territory of the country or for trying to spread the death penalty, and for the use — imprisonment. Often, the Emirates police conducts raids in night clubs and bars — disguised police offer psychotropic substances, visitors, and those who “bite” for such a provocation will be a trial and from 2 to 5 years in prison.
  2. There is also a list of banned in UAE of drugs. It includes sedatives, and medicines containing codeine. Therefore, to avoid trouble at customs, be sure to revise your first aid kit before travelling to the United Arab Emirates. Leave only what you really need on the road, and the rest can be purchased at local pharmacies. If any medicine you still need, get it from your doctor appropriate help.
  3. The Emirates is strictly forbidden to bring articles of ivory, all kinds of weapons and the products of erotic content — for it is supposed the fine and imprisonment.
  4. To photograph in the UAE is very careful, and sure to get permission to shoot. It is strictly forbidden to photograph the building of state institutions, villas, privately owned, palaces and Muslim women, and in order to take a picture of any of your men, you must first obtain a permit.

    Sometimes a picture of yourself even allowed representatives of the local police, but often the locals refuse to participate in such tourist photo shoots.

  5. To attend to local women is prohibited. For trying to meet you or just talk to a Muslim woman you can get jail time and a fine of 60,000 dirhams.
  6. Behaviors in the subway UAE. The second car in the train station is only for women and children, why men go into it are categorically prohibited. A woman may sit in any train carriage, but in mixed cars public is not very well, and a passenger can is very persuasive to consider that, to put it mildly, somewhat unpleasant. In the underground it is forbidden to eat, drink and chew chewing gum (during Ramadan is prohibited for everyone everywhere in public places — even for tourists). For the latter, by the way, you can get a caution or even a fine of 100 dirham from the staff of the subway.

  7. On the streets of UAE is strictly forbidden to litter — for that is also here will be given a ticket. And will fine those who deliberately throw trash in the wrong place, and those who just missed the dumpster, and tried to leave, not to fix its mistakes.
  8. If you see close to the local beaches sign with a crossed-out swimsuit, that means in bathing suits to be possible only on the territory beach area. Vacationers that are outside the beach in swimwear, will be immediately fined. To swim and sunbathe Topless or naked is strictly prohibited. Beyond the beach clothing should also meet certain requirements: it cannot be too outspoken and defiant, and must cover the shoulders, knees and stomach.
  9. In the UAE it is forbidden to show feelings in public — for hugs and kisses in public areas the police will issue a fine, and too Frank behavior can even end up in jail.
  10. To consume alcohol on the street or to be drunk on the streets is prohibited, and driving in an alcohol intoxication here is a very serious offence. The most severe alcohol issues Emirate-Sharjah. To buy alcohol here only in night clubs and bars in hotels — in traditional stores it is not for sale.
  11. Electronic cigarette in UAE is equivalent to the usual, i.e. use them only in designated Smoking areas. For the use of electronic cigarettes in the airport can confiscate and issue a fine and the offender to send to the police station.
  12. Swear, swear or threaten anyone in the Emirates is strictly prohibited — the troublemaker here may well be arrested for it.
  13. Do not touch the things left by someone unattended, even with the best of intentions — it will be regarded as attempted theft.
  14. When you visit an honest at home in UAE you also need to follow some rules. If you enter into a private apartment or house, be sure to remove your shoes at the entrance. You can't miss the food — it is an insult to the hospitable hosts. The proposed food and drinks you need to try and be sure to praise. If the room is anyone (apart from the servants), you need to get up. Also considered an insult to sit, turning the feet towards anyone.

  15. While in the Arab Emirates, need to have cash in case of an unforeseen penalty. It is strictly forbidden to bribe, especially to the police — here such an act will be regarded as a particularly serious violation.

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Date of publication: 09.12.2014

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