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Freedom of choice

What is forbidden to do abroad?


Before the trip, tourists usually try to provide everything, therefore, usually much attention is paid levies to the road. Many travelers scrutinize weather forecasts for the holiday period, make a list of local sights and attractions events shopping maps, phrasebooks and booklets. But not every tourist thinks about the prohibitions and rules of conduct that apply in the country of arrival.

And you knew perfectly harmless from the point of view of tourists from Ukraine actions or style of clothes abroad can become a cause of fine or imprisonment? And, by the way, for some of the actions the intruder can wait for even the death penalty.

So before you go make sure you read the list of prohibitions for countries that are planning to visit your holiday was not marred by unexpected adventures.

What not to do in different countries. Laws:

In addition, in Thailand, forbidden to touch the head of the local residents, and it is absolutely not important – if you wanted to remove tangled in the hair of the interlocutor a leaf or a Pat on the head cute kid.

Still here very strictly guarded the honor of the Royal family – if anyone put a finger on, or even just indicate by hand on the photo of any of the Royal house, it will be regarded as desecration, and the offender will be punished in accordance with the law. The same applies to local banknotes, as they have a picture of the king. If you even accidentally step on a banknote, it will be considered a very serious insult, which is also provided with a severe punishment.

Also in Thailand, forbidden to leave on the ground chewing gum. If you violate this prohibition, you will find a very unpleasant surprise – a fine of up to $ 600. By the way, in Singapore, not only can't chew gum, but even to bring it into the country.

But the most severe punishment in Thailand for drugs – the death penalty.

What not to do in different countries. Customs:

But except prohibited by the law actions in many countries also has specific customs, violating which can really hurt the local residents and even provoke a serious conflict.

For example:

No Photo

And, of course, there are certain rules of photography. Quite clear sign of No Photo in many countries to designate sites, photo and video which is strictly prohibited.

Ukrainian tourists are often quite skeptical about this warning, the temptation to capture the brightest moments of your journey is often stronger arguments of logic. But in fact such warnings should be treated more carefully, because in some countries, even an accidental violation of the ban on photography might provoke serious trouble.


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Date of publication: 13.01.2014

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