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Cartoon Network Amazone water Park in Thailand


Holiday in Thailand for children has become even more interesting and desirable: Pattaya opened Cartoon Network Amazone water Park!

A huge Park of water attractions and entertainment Cartoon Network Amazone is focused on preschoolers and schoolchildren, so everything here is devoted to cartoons that are so popular with kids these ages.

Feature local attractions that kids play and frolic on them, not alone but in the company of your favorite cartoon characters Cartoon Network.

The number of various water rides at Cartoon Network Amazone exceeds 150 units, and each of them little visitors waiting for the characters “Ear”, “Ben 10”, “Cool girl” and many other favorite cartoons.

New water Park in Thailand features high-speed water slide with a water tower, whose height exceeds 23 meters.

This attraction will definitely appeal to children because of its high, brightly decorated tower is equipped with many tunnels, challenging descents and surprises. In addition, these water roller coaster in Pattaya are among the fastest in the world.

The Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark, kids can go surfing on artificial waves that mimic the ocean, to ride on the extreme roller coaster, swim in the 335-meter-long man-made river, play in the pools and platforms together with your favorite characters.

The whole area of the Cartoon Network Amazone water Park is divided into 10 thematic sectors, each dedicated to one of the cartoons  Cartoon Network. It has a large interactive screen through which a small amusement Park guests can chat with their favorite cartoon characters. In the new Thailand Waterpark are constantly held different views and entertainment shows for children.

Where is the Cartoon Network Amazone water Park: Bang Saray, near Pattaya, Thailand.

Work Schedule Cartoon Network Amazone: from 10:00 to 18:00 local time every day.

Entrance tickets: $49 (1590 baht). For children and pensioners coming from other countries, there are special discounts on entry.

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Date of publication: 17.10.2014

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