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The top 5 winter festivals 2015


Winter holiday – this is a great time to travel somewhere abroad – a holiday atmosphere, a wide variety of events, exhibitions, fairs and sales set an incredible festive mood and give a sea of positive emotions.

The brighter and unusual will be a festive event, the more pleasant experiences it brings, so we've collected for you top 5 — a rating of unusual, interesting and just plain crazy festivals that will take place during the winter holidays in different countries of the world.

So, the winter festivals of 2015 that are worth visiting:

1. Mevlana Festival (whirling dervishes Festival), Istanbul, Turkey

Dance of the dervishes in Turkey is quite popular among tourists from different countries – to look at the amazing ritual dances of the whirling dervishes comes every year about one million travellers. This religious holiday is dedicated to the great philosopher and poet Jalaluddin Rumi, who was the Creator of the encyclopedia of Sufism and the author of the idea of dance as a way to enlightenment and unity with God.

Mevlana Festival – very bright and spectacular event. The festival of whirling dervishes in Turkey lasts for seven days – from 10 to 17 December. On the last day of festivities with the anniversary of the death of Mevlana, is a special ceremonial dance of the dervish Itself is dedicated to the memory of the teacher-founder.

2. The festival of camels in India, Bikaner, Rajasthan

Bikaner Camel Festival (camel Festival in Bikaner) will be held in 2015 from 4 to 5 January. Camels in these two days will be everywhere: thematic drawings, jewelry, stylish accessories and, of course, real live desert ships of all types, colors and shapes – the festival focused on camels.

Viewers will be able to see during the festival camel race, the competition in the skill of the riders, fire dancers, contests, carving meshu (as a material to create patterns use wool of a camel) and many other exotic performances and entertainment. Some of them will be able to participate any interested people, some – only specially trained members. At the end of the celebrations will be big fireworks.

3. The festival of ice and snow, Harbin, China

There are many winter festivals, during which you can see a lot of snow and snow sculptures, but the Festival of ice and snow in Harbin-this is something special.

Tourists from different countries come to the festival to China to visit these wonderful winter festivals, during which you can participate in a large number of events of artistic, cultural and sports fields. At the end of the winter holiday is always big fireworks. By the way, if you decide to visit, be sure to wear warm gloves, scarf and hat – here is really snowy and really cold.

The time of the Festival of ice and snow in China: from 5 January to 28 February.

4. La Tamborrada Festiva (La Tamborrada), San Sebastian, Spain

Winter festival of La Tamborrada in Spain is one of the most popular holidays of the country.

Festival La Tamborrada dedicated to St. Sebastian, patron Saint of the seaside town of San Sebastian, and today, the traditional feast became, in fact, just an incredible cocktail of entertainment, Blues and drums.

You will be able to see the big costume parade with lots of musicians and drummers, dressed in a special form that brilliantly play on the move, moving to Saint Donostia de San Sebastian. During this traditional Spanish feast you can taste the dishes of eel, cooked according to old recipes and fine local wines.

Parade La Tamborrada in San sebastián will begin on 19 and will end on the night of January 21, 2015.

5. Up Helly-Aa (Aphellio), Lerwick, Scotland

Up Helly-Aa – one of the most striking and unusual winter holidays, come down to us from ancient times. If you're feeling bored and you don't miss any bezumenko, feel free to go to the festival of Up Helly-Aa in Scotland to look at the big fiery spectacle in Europe!

This event is dedicated to the Vikings, many centuries ago, settled on Scottish soil. In honor of this historic relocation last half century, there takes place annually a fantastic performance.

Torchlight processions Aphellio in Scotland are held to the sound of the horn, in them participated more than a thousand people, dressed in costumes of the ancient Vikings. You will see the ancient dances and hear the unusual songs that will stay forever in its surreal beauty.

The main event Aphellio – the ceremonial burning of a dragon boat. Full-size exact replica of the Viking ship is being built in the course of the year, to be burned on this night. Wild, but an interesting custom, isn't it?

The festival of Up Helly-Aa 2015 will be held January 27 (last Tuesday of the month). Duration of the activities will be about 11 hours.

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