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Ukraine hit the top five countries with cheap transport


The cost of tickets for buses and trains Ukraine is one of the cheapest in the world – to such conclusion came the experts of the portal GoEuro, conducted a comparison of the cost of travel, internal transport for the year 2014.

But the price of tickets in Ukraine, according to analysts, much higher than the cost of domestic flights in Spain, Germany and the United States.

Analysis of prices on the internal flights were carried out on the basis of the average cost of 100 kilometers of travel by bus, train and aircraft, the statistics gathered from the data on 51 countries.

According to the study, the lowest prices for domestic passenger transport in South Africa, while Ukraine took the fifth place in the overall ranking.

Bus transportation: 2 place

The cost of bus tickets in Ukraine is almost the lowest in the world: over 100 km of Ukrainian passengers pay only about $3,07. Cheaper to travel in Egypt, where the same distance in the path of citizens costs only $1,88. Third, fourth and fifth places are occupied, respectively, Thailand, Albania, and South Africa ($3,11, $3,35 and $3,67 per 100 km).

The most expensive bus tickets in the Netherlands – subjects of the Kingdom are forced to pay, on average, $28,58 for a trip of similar distance.

Rail transport: 4th place

Ukrainian passengers in 2014 pay over a 100-kilometer section of the road, on average, about $2,79. The cheapest railway tickets in 2014 were in South Africa (1st place, $1,88), Georgia ($2,39, 2nd place) and Egypt ($2,49, 3rd place).

Fifth place in the ranking of the cheapest rail transport took Malaysia – $2,84, and the most expensive tickets to this year was in Denmark – here the average cost of a 100-kilometer stretch of the road is around $of 39.84.

Air: 19 location

But in the ranking of the cost of domestic flights Ukraine demonstrates disappointing numbers: $24,51 and 19th place. There in the top 5 of the cheapest tickets got India (1 place, $10,36), Malaysia (2nd place, $11,43), South Africa (3rd place, $11,63), Australia ($12,20, 4th place) and Spain ($13,21, 5th place). The most expensive air travel this year was in Finland: here $138,90 paid by domestic passengers per 100 kilometers.

By the way, in some countries the prices of tickets lower than the tickets for trains and buses – more familiar to citizens of Ukraine the ways to travel. For example, air travel in India costs significantly cheaper than driving the same distance by train – $10,36 per 100 km of road by airplane, compared to $14,89 on the train.

The secret of this price range is simple – in India, in contrast, very high competition between airlines operating on domestic routes, thanks to which the market players are forced to tightly control its pricing policy.

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Date of publication: 22.09.2014

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