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The electric bus went on a world record


The young American company Proterra, engaged in the design and creation of electric vehicles of the new generation, presented a revolutionary model of the passenger bus, running on an electric motor — Proterra Catalyst E2 Max.

The new Proterra bus, equipped with an electric motor, set a new world record, having traveled 1,772 kilometers on one battery charge — this is almost three times more than the previous models developed by the corporation. The duration of the normal charging of such batteries is several hours, and express charging takes less than an hour.

The capacity of the batteries that provide the work of the vehicle is 660 kilowatt-hours, and the energy consumption per 100 kilometers does not exceed 37.25 kilowatt-hours. These figures can really be called record, for example, Tesla Model S cars can boast about 21 kilowatt-hours for a similar distance, and Tesla Model 3 — 15 kilowatt-hours.

Provided that these models of electric vehicles weigh 2 and 1.5 tons respectively, while Proterra Catalyst E2 Max is 12 tons, the performance of the new bus on the electric motor is really record, because the maximum distance that Tesla cars can go without recharging does not exceed 507 kilometers.

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Test drive of the new Proterra Catalyst bus was carried out at a special range Navistar, located in Indiana, USA. Specialists of the corporation declare that not in the conditions of the test site, but on real routes, a new electric vehicle will be able to overcome about 1000 kilometers without recharging.

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Date of publication: 21.09.2017

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