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Switzerland will restore intercity bus service


In Switzerland, intercity buses will soon re-appear — this type of passenger traffic has been banned in the country for a long time.

Intercity bus service will be resumed as early as March 25, 2018 — modern two-story Domo buses will start to run between Zurich, Baden, Bezel, Geneva, Bern, Montreux, Zitten and some other cities in Switzerland. Until June 9, one flight is planned each day on each route, and from June 10 a second daily flight will be added to all directions. The route network provides opportunities for convenient transfers to Rothrist, Geneva, Zurich and Basel via a single ticket system, which will allow passengers to quickly and profitably reach almost any point of the country.

As promised Domo, the cost of a bus ticket in Switzerland will be an order of magnitude lower than the railway. From the previously announced information on the rates for bus transport, it is known that the ticket price for the Zurich-Basel bus will be € 15, the ticket Zurich — St. Gallen will be available for € 17, and the Zurich-Bern route will be available for € 20.

Each passenger will be able to carry free of charge for one piece of luggage and hand luggage, and no need to pay for the transportation of a set of ski equipment. To carry more baggage, the passenger will have to pay € 9 for each suitcase in excess of the free rate, and the transportation, for example, of the bike will cost € 5.

In addition, passengers will be able to use the discount cards General-Abo and Halbtax-Abo when booking bus tickets.

In all buses that will be withdrawn to the routes in Switzerland, 10 passenger seats of the first class and 59 places of the second class are provided. Each chair is equipped with a special electrical outlet, and free Wi-Fi is available in the bus.

It is also likely that in the summer long-distance bus transportation in Switzerland will start to deal with another company — Eurobus declares its readiness to launch seven own bus routes in the Swiss regions.

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Date of publication: 11.03.2018

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