Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

Coffee, sir! In London, buses will travel by coffee fuel


In the near future, part of the London buses will be transferred to a new type of biofuel, which is made from coffee products. A new fuel from coffee, which is a mixture of coffee oil and diesel, will help significantly reduce the level of air pollution in the British capital.

According to statistics, every resident of London drinks about 2.3 cups of coffee a day. With this consumption of coffee annually, only about 200,000 tons of coffee grounds fall into domestic waste in the capital, and these enormous volumes have been successfully used. The English eco-start Bio-bean, founded by Arthur Kay, has established a mechanism for processing the used coffee grounds, which makes it possible to obtain vegetable oil from it. Local coffee companies supply the raw material for production of technical coffee oil, and the received products are sold to enterprises that supply fuel for municipal transport and heating of buildings.

As reported in Bio-bean, just one ton of coffee waste can reduce by almost 7 tons the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from municipal transport, which opens great prospects for improving the environment and improving the quality of life in London.

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Date of publication: 20.11.2017

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