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  • Уже несколько раз заказывал тут билеты, пока проблем не возникало. Сайт мне понравился

    Олег (25.12.2016)
  • Приветствую всех! В ноябре я покупала авиабилеты Киев – Дубай, осталась довольна тем, как работал менеджер. Менеджер, кстати, мне впервые такой вежливый и адекватный попался (: Спасибо Татьяне за душевность и искреннее желание помочь (: (:

    Надя (07.12.2016)
  • Купил авиабилеты туда/обратно, возникла необходимость изменить дату возвращения на более поздний срок. Было предложено сделать отказ от бронирования и предложили купить новый авиабилет, проблем не было. Авиакассиры молодцы

    Антон Владимирович (16.11.2016)
  • Покупала через Онлайн Тикетс билет из Киева в Барселону. Все прошло идеально. Действительно деньги за билет списались сразу. Но и подтверждение билетов пришло быстро.

    Аня (06.11.2016)
  • Воспользовался услугами этого сервиса. Все прошло оперативно и без обмана. Очень рад. 

    Михаил (18.10.2016)
  • Добрый день! Были проблемы с оплатой билетов, позвонили по указанному телефону на сайте Онлайн Тикетс - всё подсказали очень оперативно и понятно, оказалось, что я на карточке своей еще давно выставила платежный лимит для интернет-платежей всего 50 грн на месяц))  В итоге разобралась, купила и мы без проблем слетали в Стамбул через вашу компанию.

    С уважением, Наталья (18.01.2017)
  • Покупала авиабилеты впервые. Перебрала множество сайтов, которые мне советовали, и остановилась на этом сейте. Электронные билеты можно было скачать из ЛичногоКабинета буквально через минуту, осталось их только распечатать. Благодарю.

    Любовь Викторовна (19.12.2016)
  • Летаю много, поэтому доверяю только тем сервисам, с которыми уже летал раньше. С Онлайнтикетсом проблем не было, никто не подводил, все норм)))

    Александр (24.11.2016)
  • Оформила вынужденный возврат авиабилетов по болезни. Возврат по билетам произведен успешно. Все честно, спасибо! 

    Иришка (11.11.2016)
  • Спасибо ребята – вы супер! Бронировала у вас билеты две недели назад на рейс Киев - Прага 4 билета туда и обратно. Прошло все гуд

    Татьяна (29.10.2016)

Sale of bus tickets: fast search and easy purchase

Are you looking for a bus tour or you want to buy bus tickets to travel in Ukraine? Website for booking and sale Online Tickets always helps you in your search, organization of vacations and travels! Fast, convenient and absolutely safe – these are the main rules of our service so you will always be satisfied with our cooperation.

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Online Tickets: large and small tickets

Online Tickets is a modern service for selection and purchase of tickets for any bus directions. On our site you can easily find everything that is connected with bus transportation – tours in Europe and Ukraine, international transportation, bus schedule, tickets for suburban buses and bus trips in all regions of Ukraine. Moreover, it will take you only few minutes to search, select and book a ticket for a long-distance bus or bus tour!

How to book bus tickets online?

You need to buy a bus ticket? With the portal onlinetickets.world purchase of bus tickets became the most fast, easy and convenient. To begin, select the route: in search form of bus lines specify the city of departure and city of arrival, and preferable date of departure.

Note that the system can search not only the exact date of departure – you can also choose in calendar filter a search option of period «3 days before the specified departure date and 3 days after». This setting is especially useful for those users who are looking for tickets for rare or very popular routes – you can view in one-click of mouse all bus routes with free places and accessible to booking tickets for the desired route. After you specify a bus route and desirable time of travel click «Search» and the system will automatically create a list of all bus lines with available tickets at your request.

In this list you will be able to find all necessary information for each route – bus type, time of departure/arrival, duration of trip, number of empty seats in the cabin and price of tickets. Once you have selected a bus route and quantity of tickets system will offer you to specify names of passengers for whom the tickets are booked and fill out the contact form.

You need to pay for tickets online during 20 minutes after filling out an order form. You can do this on our website with a special menu for the bank card payment (no commission) or through Privat24 system.

Since all banking transactions and fund transfers which are made on Online Tickets occur only through channels that are protected by industry-standard secure SSL-encryption with the use of strong cryptography, accounts and data you have entered will be protected against hacker programs, fraudsters and getting to third parties.

How to get a bus ticket?

Depending on your choice of auto carrier, after placing your order and payment you will receive an electronic ticket or voucher with delayed print to the specified e-mail. Voucher is a document confirming the booking and payment that is why you need to exchange it at ticket offices on a standard paper ticket (services for passengers with such vouchers at the ticket office is carried out without waiting). It is not required to exchange an electronic bus ticket at the ticket office – just print it out and you can go for a landing.

Attention! To book a bus ticket, user must confirm and make a payment for the reservation within 20 minutes otherwise reservation will be automatically cancelled and be returned to the general sale.

Bus routes from Dnipropetrovsk

The most popular bus routes from Dnipropetrovsk with the lowest price + average duration of trip:

  • Dnipro – Kiev, ticket price: from 245 UAH. Travelling time: about 8 hours.
  • Dnipro – Mariupol, ticket price: from 240 UAH. Travelling time: about 7 hours.
  • Dnipro – Kropivnitskyi (Kirovograd), ticket price: from 180 UAH. Travelling time: about 5 hours.
  • Dnipro – Kriviy Rih, ticket price: from 83 UAH. Travelling time: about 2,5 hours.
  • Dnipro – Odessa, ticket price: from 362 UAH. Travelling time: about 8,5 hours.
  • Dnipro – Zaporizhzhya, ticket price: from 75 UAH. Travelling time: about 1,5 hours.
  • Dnipro – Berdyansk, ticket price: from 220 UAH. Travelling time: about 5,5 hours.
  • Dnipro – Poltava, ticket price: from 130 UAH. Travelling time: about 3,5 hours.

Bus tours

Do you like travelling? On Online Tickets there are always great offers for tourists. You can see the most interesting travel options for Europe and Ukraine, to buy discounted tickets or to book a bus tour.

Special offers and early booking with Online Tickets!

Tours booking website Online Tickets regularly updates information about tours available for booking and publishes the latest offers from leading tour operators that’s why you will always find interesting travel options for every taste on our website.

Want to see spring in Paris or wander through sunny streets of Rome, to visit wrapped in chocolate-coffee flavor Vienna and see a real bullfight in Spain? Bus tours in Europe from Online Tickets will not only realize your most vivid dreams of travelling, but also will allow to visit several different countries in one trip!

Such tours will be interesting for both adults and children – interesting excursions to the legendary cities and historical sites, sea of vivid impressions and beautiful nature will make your trip exciting and very eventful.

Please note that depending on tour dates the same bus tour may include various entertainment and excursion programs, for example, a visit to seasonal fairs, carnivals, theater performances, concerts, football matches, etc. Furthermore, depending on the type, duration, and route bus tour can be with a stopover or without night crossings – accommodation in hotels/ on ferries during the tour.

Popular bus tours

The most popular bus tours (departure from Dnipropetrovsk, Kiev, Lvov and other cities of Ukraine):

  • Bus tour to Italy, price: from 2300 UAH for 4 days.
  • Bus tour across Europe, price: from 8500 UAH for 13 days.
  • Bus tour across Germany, Austria and Poland, price: from 3800 UAH for 6 days.
  • Bus tour to Scandinavia, price: from 5700 UAH for 9 days.