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Tomatina 2014 is coming!


Tomatina, the famous Pomidorka battle in Spain, will take place next week, on 27 August 2014.

At this unusual festival in the town of buñol every year attracts tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world, while the number of those wishing to participate in tomato battle is growing steadily every year.

The festival in recent years has become so popular that after Tomatina-2012 number of participants exceeded 45,000 people, the city authorities were forced to cancel the free entry to the territory of the battles of the tomatoes and to introduce entrance fees.

Each year, the city administration buñol plans to issue not more than 20,000 tickets to the festival. Given the high popularity of this tomato battle, almost all the tickets for 2014 are already sold out.

Preparation for the tomato battle this year is already almost over. Festival organizers report that for the battle has already been purchased more than 14 tons of tomatoes, and for the entertainment of guests of the festival after the impromptu fights in buñol was invited by popular European DJs and musicians, who will perform before a live audience entertainment and concert program.

Special attention this year will be given to young tourists – the Tomatina festival will be organized a separate children's Playground where the kids can fight with tomatoes, but under adult supervision.

Date: August 27, 2014, from 11:00 to 12:00.

Price of admission to the Tomatina 2014: approximately €10.

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Date of publication: 22.08.2014

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