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The season of carnivals in Greece


In the period from 17 January to 22 February 2015 in several cities in Greece will be a season of carnivals.

The largest and most colorful carnival in Greece carnival will be held in the capital, Patras, 17.01.2015. This festive event takes place in the city of Patras for nearly two centuries, and is one of the most popular tourist activities in the country.

Guests will be able to enjoy not only costumed processions and theatrical productions, variety concerts, dance and music performances. During the festivities in the city streets will be actors and magicians will be held outdoor film screenings, thematic exhibitions, various workshops, tastings and contests.

Also during the Carnival in Patras will be two of the big parade — an adult, in which will take part about 40 thousand persons, and children — with 12 thousand participants.

The main event of this Festival will be held in Patras on 21 Feb 2015: big night parade, after which the program of events includes the ritual burning of a giant doll of the King of carnival (the time of the event — the morning of 22 February, on the pier of St. Nicholas).

In addition to the official program of the Carnival in Patras will offer its guests numerous attractions and activities that are traditionally organized by local residents. Miniature partying in parks and city streets, balls, masquerades, festive gatherings and feasts in bars, restaurants and local cafes take pleasure in your circle everyone.

A bright and interesting events, festivals and carnivals will last for five weeks in the cities of Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Tyrnavos, Kastoria, Xanthi and Rethymnon.

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Date of publication: 16.01.2015

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