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Freedom of choice

Castles of the Czech Republic will change the cost of tickets


Since February of 2017 tour tickets to the castles and fortresses of the Czech Republic will rise in price in connection with the adoption of a new system of pricing of tickets — now it will establish the national Institute for protection of monuments, and not the administration of tourist destination. Thus, the admission will be governed by the Institute for the 104 tourist sites of the country — castles, fortresses and palaces.

Rates will not change for all sites, but most popular tourist sites still raises prices. In particular, the reported increase in the cost of entrance fees to Karlstejn castle from 170 to 190 crowns and castle Žebrák from 40 to 60 CZK. Also, prices will be rounded to the dozen in a big way, for example, a ticket whose value now is 75, - CZK, the price will rise to 80. It is reported that some locks are planning to offer extended sightseeing program to compensate for the increased price.

Visit some of the castles of the Czech Republic, including Lednice and Deep, under the old rates, while the tariff changes the cost of some excursions. For example, tours of the castle Deep will rise from 230 to 320 Czech crowns.

Will also introduce new terms of use family tour tickets — two adults on such loan are to pay the full price of admission to museums, per child will be charged half the cost, and the second and third child will be able to get into the castle for free. The change also affects the principle of payment for group tours-for groups more than 15 people will be provided special discounts.

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Date of publication: 24.01.2017

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