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Who is he Donald trump? 10 facts about the new US President


Today America has chosen the 45th President of the United States — one of the largest countries in the world as the geographical and political map of the world.

Intense debate and the race to the last kept the intrigue, and all the predictions and polls pointed to Hillary Clinton as the undisputed leader, so the victory of Donald trump — the infamous candidate, representative of the Republican party, which was announced literally in the last hours of counting the votes, came as a surprise to the whole world.

Donald trump — not only a successful politician, he was known as a businessman and media Mogul. In the ownership of the new President of the USA is a large property and several large companies specializing in hotel, gambling and construction business. In 2015,  Forbes magazine placed his name on 133rd place in the list of the richest people of the US — as the trump is estimated at more than $4 billion.

But who is he — Mr. Donald trump? What do you know about the new world leader? We have collected interesting facts about the new U.S. President, whose election rocked the entire world today.


In English the name of the new President translates as "trump". Donald trump is very proud of his name, claiming that it brings him luck in everything. It should be noted that the real name of his father is not trump, but trump — he immigrated from Germany to USA in 1885, changing the sound of his name more familiar to the ears of Americans with citizenship. But, anyway, it is impossible to deny the obvious — success is indeed always accompanied him.

Personal life Donald trump

The age of Donald trump 70 years old, he was married three times —  Czechoslovak model Ivanka Zelnicek, American actress Marla maples and Slovenian model Melania, Knows. From all three marriages trump has five children and eight grandchildren.

Military Academy

Place of study the young trump became a specialized military Academy — 13-year-old parents moved in with her due to problems with discipline and behaviour. As has been said then in an interview he Donald, new York Military Academy taught him of the unbending rigidity which often helped in his future career and dealing with competition. By the time of graduation, he had the rank of captain Kursantov S4.

Donald trump and «Miss universe»

1996 the right to host the beauty contest «Miss universe», «Miss teen USA» and «Miss universe» owned by Miss Universe Organization owned by Donald trump, in 2015, he sold the business. According to participants of the contest of previous years, he personally selected the girls-contestants for «Miss universe».

The President-the billionaire

The size of the state Donald trump is estimated by Forbes magazine at $4.1 billion, while Bloomberg provides data on $9 billion In any case, he — the richest among all the candidates in presidents of the United States who participated in the last election.

Books trump

The new US President is quite a successful writer, has already published 15 books on business and the secrets of financial Affairs. Publications authorship of Donald trump “How to get rich”, “the Art of return”, “the Art of bargain” and “Survival on top” sold worldwide in millions of copies.

Own television show

The popular TV show “Student”, which was released from 2004 through 2015, has provided its participants the opportunity to compete for a leadership position in one of the companies owned by the billionaire, with a salary of $250,000 per year. Donald trump, who was the unchallenged leading 14 seasons of this reality show, after the victory in the presidential elections is inferior to that role to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Donald trump in movie

You will be surprised, but to see acting can trump more than 100 films and TV series — he often appears on screen in small roles. the ‘Sex and the city”, “Zoolander”, “Companion”, “Studio 54”, “love the notification” — this is only a tiny part of the films with the participation of the new US President.

Questions about the wig

Funky hair trump for many years a matter of controversy — a claim that he wears a wig, and he constantly has to refute the rumors about it. Actually slicked back hair just to hide the bald spot.

An outspoken critic of Obama

The new US President has repeatedly allowed himself a very sharp remarks about the policy of the 44th President-Barack Obama. In particular, he said that “the President is not mentally healthy” as ordered to close air traffic with the countries where recorded outbreak of the Ebola virus, and even tried to deny the fact of the birth of Barack Obama in the United States.

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