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Freedom of choice

Japanese sculpture in Italy


Until 4 September inclusive tourists in Rome can visit the interesting exhibition — in the Palazzo Quirinale will be presented to the ancient of Japanese sculpture.

Capolavori della scultura giapponese buddhista (Masterpieces of Japanese Buddhist sculpture) will present 35 pieces of unique Japanese sculptures created from the VII to XIV century, from the period of Asuka to kamakura. The exposition first arrived in Italy.

It is worth noting that the tour to the exhibition of Buddhist sculptures in Rome — a truly unique opportunity to see these works of the ancient masters, since most of them are usually kept in shrines and temples of Japan, as well as in closed repositories, the largest national museums. Also presented at the exhibition in Italy of works of art difficult to transport what an opportunity to see with their own eyes appear to be rare.

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Date of publication: 03.08.2016

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