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Restaurant day in Finland


This Sunday, 15 February 2015, Finland will host a gastronomic feast-Day Restaurant (restaurant day), which is held every three months in different countries of the world.

So if this weekend you are planning to spend here in snowy Finland, you have a great opportunity to attend this tasty event to try a variety of dishes prepared by professional chefs and plunge into the incredible atmosphere of the unique restaurants pop up bars and food shops.

Each time this feast of creativity, food and fun attracts thousands and thousands of tourists — among the foreign travelers and the local fans of delicious and creative food.

Restaurateurs experimenters that participate in Restaurant Day, offer its visitors to try out the specialties of different cuisines, but also culinary delights, with recipes of his own. During Restaurant day in Finland visitors a day restaurants can taste classic dishes, traditional Finnish, Lappish, European, Ukrainian and Russian cuisines, as well as Oriental delicacies, prepared according to the recipe of Asian countries.

Also, the owners of small restaurants and cafes pop-up often come up with an original entertainment program for their visitors: performances of artists, musicians, magicians, and dances, literary readings and more, so be sure that you can enjoy not only delicious dishes prepared by the most unusual recipes, but also a lot of good mood.

Restaurant Day 2015, a list of major cities map:

What is restaurant day in Finland?

Restaurants day — this is a unique event which is held worldwide since 2011. During the first day of the restaurant in the gastronomic festival involved 13 cities, which on day 1 was opened by 45 copyright day restaurants. However, only in Helsinki the day worked 25 café restaurant day!

To participate in the next food days began to actively connect the other countries: Denmark, Iceland, Holland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada and other countries. In the end, the event was gaining popularity, and the latest gastronomic festival Restaurant Day, which took place November 15, 2014, was attended by 35 countries, in different cities which the day opened 1698 restaurants, bars and cafes.

Restaurant day in Finland in recent years has become a very popular culinary event, which has won the hearts of not only residents, but visitors to the country.

How to tell the organizers of the unusual event, once upon a time they wanted to open their own cafe, but were unpleasantly surprised by the number of papers and permits that you must obtain to open a business in the field of restaurant business. As a result, they had the idea to organize a restaurant to open it, don't need permission — a restaurant one day.

Creative seasoning

The idea proved so successful that soon turned into a real gastronomic festival, which is attended by participants from dozens of cities around the world. Anyone wishing to try yourself in the role of restaurateur in advance apply for participation in Restaurant Day.

In this application specifies that they plan to open and where, what food (products) will be submitted to the cafe or shops, and on what schedule it will work in this day, and what about the number of visitors will be able to serve. Such information helps the Restaurant day to choose one-day catering establishments, which are interesting for them. All of the restaurants participating are listed on an interactive maps cities with obligatory note location type: indoors, in the apartment or outdoors.

A cafe or restaurant for Restaurant Day can be placed absolutely anywhere: tent, carport, gazebo in the garden or an extra friendly dining tables can become a platform for the local branch of the gastronomic holiday. Also at the discretion of the author of the idea creates a temporary restaurant interior and the menu, method of delivery, and much more so don't be surprised if you, for example, will lower your order in a basket from the balcony of a multistory building — creative writing in this issue is welcome in all its manifestations.

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