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Freedom of choice

Moscow – the city's most expensive hotels


The most expensive hotels in the world — in the Moscow.

This data was presented by a research company Hogg Robinson Group.

It is reported that the status of most expensive cost of hotel rooms city is already the 10th year in a row.

Worldwide for some time there has been a downward trend in prices for accommodation in hotels, but the prices in Russian hotels show very low rates reduce the cost —  only about 0.78 percent.

The average cost of hotel nights in Moscow today — about €310. For comparison: in Paris, which took the sixth place in the ranking, the average cost of a hotel room is equal to €255.

On the second and third place in the ranking of cities with the most expensive hotels located in new York and Geneva respectively. In these cities by high price indices have also found a rise in the cost of hotel services (6.95% and 4.65%).

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Date of publication: 24.03.2014

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