Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

What rights does the train ticket give?


Buying a train ticket, we often do not even suspect what rights the passenger gives to him, believing that this document is necessary only to confirm payment for the trip along the necessary route.

But in fact, railway tickets give a guarantee of providing the passenger with some additional services, which are already included in its cost.

To use these opportunities or not, of course, is a private matter for the passenger, but the ticket price will remain unchanged anyway, and all these services are paid by you in advance even with the purchase of the ticket.

We will tell you about the most useful and unusual properties of the railway ticket, which can make your trip more comfortable, and in some cases even save money significantly.

Using the bottom shelf in the train

In the eternal struggle between good and evil passengers of the lower and upper shelves do not always, unfortunately, achieve a compromise by peaceful means. Probably everyone is familiar with the situation when passengers "from above" are freely settling down on the lower shelf, confidently laying out their belongings and thoroughly arranged comfortably, disregarding the opinion of the legal inhabitant of the lower tier.

So, good news for passengers "from below" - the priority right to use the bottom shelf and, in particular, for the placement of hand luggage is a passenger who bought a ticket to this place. The same applies to passengers with tickets to the top shelf - they have the same right to use their own place for storing things exclusively. None of the passengers can demand access to someone else's places on the train, and you are not required to provide your regiment for use by neighbors.

Exchange of tickets when you are late for a train

No one is immune from being late for a train, but even if you "kissed" an outgoing car, it does not mean that the ticket is no longer valid, and you will have to buy a new travel document. You have the right to renew the unused ticket, which you can use within 24 hours after the departure of the train, which you did not manage. In this case, the passenger only needs to pay the cost of the plazar, which is much less than the full cost of the railway ticket.

Important! If you missed the train due to the fault of the railway, for example, because of the cancellation of the train or the delay in the train, Ukrzaliznytsya must transfer you to another trip for free.

Leave an earlier trip

Did you know that your ticket allows you to go by another train? You can leave for several hours and even days before the tripspecified in the travel document, but only if there are vacant seats in the train following the same route. A surcharge from the passenger in such cases is not required.

Make a stop for a few days

Another service that 99% of Ukrzaliznytsia's passengers do not suspect is the opportunity to make a really long stop on the way of the train - you can get off at any station along the route and take the train again after any desired number of days, but not more than 10 days. To do this, the passenger needs to contact the railway cash desk within three hours from the arrival of the train to the station and put a special mark on the stop. To renew the trip you need to pay the cost of a new reserved seat.

Free toilets at train stations

On the way to the train passengers can use the toilets at the train stations for free, simply by presenting their ticket. This rule is valid when presenting both an ordinary paper ticket and a printed electronic ticket.

The right to make mistakes in the ticket

In Ukraine, boarding a train is allowed only upon presentation of a passenger identification document, but such a strict rule still has a slight easing. You can make several mistakes while preparing the ticket, for example, to confuse the letter in the surname, and the conductor will still allow you to land. But remember that if there are three or more errors in the ticket, you will still be denied a trip.

Free return to the previous station

If the passenger for some reason does not leave his stop, he can not only reach the next one free of charge, but also take another train in the opposite direction to the station he needs. To do this, you need to inform the conductor that you have passed the destination station and receive from him an appropriate act, in which the head of the train must be stamped - this document will enable you to return by another trip to the railway station you need, for free.

Free transportation of guide dogs

A guide dog on a leash and muzzle can ride with its owner for free. The only condition is that the animal should always be near its owner. Well, the presence of the necessary veterinary certificate for transportation of the pet - where without it.

What you can get from the guide

Passengers have the right to get a fairly impressive list of items from the conductor of their car, namely: medicines from the first aid kit, boiling water, a spoon and a glass (even if you do not buy tea or coffee), a road sewing kit (threads and needles), cleaning accessories Clothes and shoes, sets of table games (chess, checkers, dominoes). All this should also be provided without any payment.

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Date of publication: 09.06.2017

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