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What not to do at the hotel?


The administration of the hotel cares about the comfort and safety of their guests, but some about some of the things guests still have to think for themselves, for example, about some of the precautions that will be useful during your stay in the hotel room.

The list of what not to do to tourists in hotel is quite large, so we have gathered for you the most basic and the most unexpected “impossible” in a small but succinct list.

To get acquainted with him will take a lot of time, you will agree, this knowledge will be useful as it will help to avoid a number of difficulties and unforeseen situations in the future. Stick to these simple rules of staying in hotels, and your stay will be pleasant and bright!

  1. For your own safety, never tell a stranger your room number at the hotel. Especially strictly necessary to comply with this rule, women travelling alone.
  2. Don't lean on it on the Windows and glazing of balconies in the room — sometimes there are cases when the glass falls under the weight of a leaning on his guest. Such incidents are, of course, very rare, and are really non-standard force majeure, but agree that it is better not to risk and not to tempt fate.
  3. It should not touch the Minibar if you are not going to use it. Some hotels are installing mini-bars, motion sensors, and if the occupant in him pulls out and opens, then, when you check out, you may experience a very unpleasant misunderstanding with the extra accounts for the Minibar, even if it ‘just looking”.
  4. Not worth it to log into personal accounts via Wi-Fi at the hotel, especially if the access point in a hotel that seems suspicious to you. There are times when hackers distribute wifi near hotels to steal passwords.
  5. Do not drink from glasses in the room, if you are not pre-washed yourself. Sometimes it happens that the cleaners wash the dirty dishes “technical” sponges or funds for such purposes absolutely not intended, for example, for washing Windows or for plumbing.

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Date of publication: 23.01.2015

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