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Preparing for the bus tour: what you need to know


Decided to treat yourself to a nice interesting trip during a long-awaited vacation? A great solution for those who want to change the situation, go on interesting excursions and just to see the world, will be bus tours!

During this trip you will get the most vivid impressions: for a small number of days, you can look at other countries and visit ancient towns, look at historic buildings and to try the local cuisine, admire the beautiful nature and just to enjoy local color and colorful kaleidoscope of changing scenery.

Bus tours – this is the optimal way to travel for those who want a weekend or short break to catch everything and even a little bit!

Service Online Tikets not only help you choose and buy a good tour of Ukraine or abroad, but will tell you what you need for the bus tour and what you should care in advance, even during the training session in his first trip. These five simple tips for novice travelers will help you in organizing the rest and make it much more comfortable!

Route bus tour

So, the main thing you need to think about before the tour-route. The first thing you need to do – to buy or download to your smartphone/tablet the most detailed map of Europe and cities, with planned stops. It is best to do both – duplicated card will insure you from sudden disorientation in a strange city if the paper card gets lost or runs out of power gadget.

Indicate the route of the tour on their map and calculate the approximate number of hours between overnight stays.

reference: the Average speed of the passenger bus about 70 km/h. That is, to calculate the approximate travel time, divide the kilometers between stops 70 and add a small amount of time to the stop that the bus makes every 3-3. 5 hours.

Thanks to this simple arithmetic you will be able to make a correct representation of the route of your tour, calculate your needs on the road and take care of the little things that need to be on hand during the trip (e.g. warm sweater or extra lunch box).

Personal money travel documents

Currency – the second issue requiring the attention of the tourist during travel. In each country use its own currency, dollars or euros may not be accepted (or accepted but at a very unfavorable rate). Count on exchange items are also not 100% first, not all points of stops along the route they are, secondly, even if they are, then you can is banal not to be free time to search for the Bank or exchanger.

The most practical solution to money issue for tourists is to exchange small amounts of money in banknotes of countries with planned stops during the tour, before starting the journey. Besides, in my country you can choose the exchange offices with the best rate.

Usually small pocket money is enough the equivalent of 15-25 dollars. A small strategic reserve of the local currency will save your free time on the trip.

What documents are needed for a tour bus?

If you are traveling to Ukraine for a tour bus you only have to carry your passport and birth certificate for the child, if he goes with you. Going for a walk in unfamiliar city, the original documents should be left in the hotel, and take only photocopies. What to do in case of loss of documents, you can read here.

If you go on a bus tour abroad, you will need a passport, visas for the countries you plan to visit during their trip, photocopies of the identification code and the internal passport of the citizen of Ukraine, residence, certificate of employment on wages. Be sure to take some photos 3x4 and a photocopy of all documents. For minors (under 15 years) in case the child travels with only one parent, must be notarized authorization from the other parent.

For seniors required a copy of the pension certificate and a certificate of the pension amount from the PF. In some cases, may be required certificate from the Bank.

Clothes for the bus tour

Particular attention should be given clothing and shoes to travel – impractical, uncomfortable clothes or tight shoes can significantly impair the long-awaited vacation.

So, how to dress in a tour bus?

take a stretchy or loose jeans, lots of cotton t-shirts and a few sweaters (on a sweatshirt). Women who used to wear skirts and feel comfortable in them, you can also bring is one pair of pants comfortable skirt. If your bus tour includes a night moving, be sure to bring a tracksuit to sleep in the bus.

As for shoes during the trip, the most convenient would be to take two pairs of comfortable lightweight shoes and soft shoes or Slippers for the bus.

Also, be sure to take along a compact umbrella.

Important! Remember that in European cities it is not customary to walk the streets in tracksuits and too short skirts may be invalid or too outspoken.


A small supply of non-perishable products, bystroshvatyvajushchijsja tea or coffee and a kettle will help save you not only money but also time. To look for a café in a strange city is not always comfortable, besides, it takes time that could be spent on something more pleasant, for example, to visit interesting excursion objects.

By the way, it is also worth considering that during the movement of the bus can make you hungry, and food for a light snack on the road in this case would be superfluous. As we mentioned earlier, food in the bus tours provided, but it often includes Breakfast only or Breakfast and dinner.

In advance should take care of the drinks for the trip. Although drinking water in Europe is sold at every step, it is necessary to take into account its price – large capacity of purified water stand in any supermarket very cheap, while prices for packaged in small bottles water I can fly to heaven.

You can safely take the example of tourists from Europe and Japan, which in the beginning of the journey bought in a large supermarket a large bottle of water and some half-liter or liter plastic bottles, which are then each day fill and take with you on a hike to local attractions.

Packing things for travel. Bags

The most rational would be to divide the things that you take with you on a journey between the two bags. The main part of things Packed in a suitcase or large travel bag, daily necessities, food and so put in the second, a small bag, the size of which will allow you to put it under the seat in the bus.

What to take with you to the bus tour?

All the necessary things in the bus tour must be at hand, but because to get along in the bus many things will not work, carefully make a list of what will not go in the baggage compartment, and you.


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