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Day off in Stockholm: 5 ideas for a good holiday


The capital of Sweden, Stockholm, at any time of the year can offer a lot of bright impressions and interesting entertainment. And in the last month of the year when this magnificent city, one of the oldest in Europe, is preparing to celebrate Christmas and New year holidays in Stockholm is becoming more original and adventurous.

If you decide in December to go for a weekend in Stockholm, we are happy to share with you some interesting ideas, and tell you about five great ways to experience real Christmas spirit and enjoy the magic atmosphere of winter holidays in Europe.

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Christmas markets in Stockholm

Start your day in Stockholm worth a visit this Christmas fair which take place here in the best traditions of Europe, so that guests of these Christmas markets can always escape the great festive mood, buy original Souvenirs and to eat their fill of winter Goodies. Many small shops, pavilions and stalls offer visitors a variety of products.

From inedible here you can find a  original crafts and household items, handmade, ceramics, metal and wooden utensils, textiles, toys and Christmas decorations. Of the delicious products you should definitely pay attention to natural honey, sweets, cheeses, a traditional Swedish marzipan, sausages and smoked venison.

If, during his walk around Stockholm you'll want to treat yourself to a light snack, be sure to pay attention to the hot waffles and marzipan, roasted almond nuts, pretzels and, of course, hot glegg. Glegg — is a special Swedish mulled wine that the recipe not only add spice and alcoholic tinctures, but also raisins, nuts and dried fruit, which makes it especially tasty and unusual.

On the way to the fairs you can leisurely stroll through the Old town and enjoying views of the picturesque streets and old houses in a festive winter setting.

The original sights of Stockholm: a well-the fountain

In the XVIII century by the architect Eric Palmstedt on Stortorget square was built a large city well, who have survived in the form of fundamental fountain, decorated with sculptures of monsters. Tourists love to be photographed on the background of this sculpture is, after all, a photo with local stone monsters always turn out bright and very unusual.

After this little photo shoot by the fountain always worth a walk is small, but as most beloved by Swedes and foreign tourists, the Christmas market that surrounds the fountain on Stortorget square. In a tiny wooden cabins, pavilions, painted bright red paint, you can buy a variety of gifts in the Swedish style: knitted crafts and accessories, embroidery, Christmas ornaments, wooden figurines of reindeer and Scandinavian trolls, decorated with fur, intricate candlesticks and covered in gold paint angels.

Junibacken, Astrid Lindgren Museum

Want tales and small portions of magic can not only children — the Astrid Lindgren Museum is a direct proof of that.

Museum tales of Astrid Lindgren's Junibacken — it's an amazing place in which we live fairy-tale characters and magical stories of the famous Swedish writer, and of the amazing Scandinavian fairy tales often visit not only children and adolescents, but also quite adults. It is one of the favorite pastimes of the visitors of the Museum — it's a journey on the famous train Museum.

The theme of the Museum the Museum is located inside the premises, so to be here in any weather. Game rooms and exhibits are divided into plots of fairy tales, a restaurant with an excellent panoramic views of Stockholm offers both children's and adult menu, and in the evening preoriented in public older – come here and just for a regular dinner in an original setting, and for a variety of celebrations.

Amazing sweets Scandinavia in Stockholm

If you want to try these sweets Scandinavia, your dreams will definitely come during a walk in Stockholm. Tiny shops, shops and street stalls with sweets on the eve of the winter holidays make the Swedish capital a real Paradise for the sweet tooth!

Buy colored caramel or bitter licorice in Stockholm, one on almost every corner: the sellers pack the Goodies in small paper bags and pass to buyers, who often eat sweet acquisition there, not very far from the counter.

Before Christmas is especially popular in Stockholm, the candy is polkagrisar (polkerris) — is made in the form of red and white striped canes, these sweet caramels enjoy the same delight of audiences of all ages since the XIX century. Unfortunately, polkagrisar the original recipe was lost, but restored by the recipe (sugar, water, vinegar, peppermint oil and red dye) is consistent with the taste of real winter delicacy.

If sweet caramel and soft marzipan you will have time to get bored, you can safely experiment with, and begin tasting the traditional bitter-mixture of candies from licorice, salty Swedish candy! And the first and second treat (sweetness to call it, agree, somewhat complicated) is the Swedes of all ages high popularity, so feel free to follow their example and be familiar with the Swedish cuisine closer.

Jazz bar Stampen

Stampen — it is the oldest jazz pub in Stockholm, which during the years of its existence managed through soak up the rhythms of jazz and good old rock-n-roll, for which he love so passionate audiophiles from all parts of Sweden.

Inside this small but very picturesque and ever-popular bar is divided into two floors, each of which play different musical groups and sounds completely different music. If you want to sit in the warm company of a glass of beer or a delicious cocktail and listen to really good music, feel free to go to the Stampen pub, Stockholm — here a great mood, a lot of good rock-n-roll and good alcohol are always waiting for their guests.


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