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In pursuit of adrenalin: extreme swimming pools


A pool whose edge disappears from view and creates a fantastic illusion of an infinite man-made waterfall, looks from an aesthetic point of view just fantastic.

And when this pool is located at an altitude of 50 meters and hidden in a cascading flow of water edge offers a nice view of a huge metropolis, very few people can remain indifferent.

So, if you love everything unusual and none of your tourist trip is not complete without any adrenaline fun, be sure to include in your travel program, at least one of these pools, and the sea of vivid impressions you will just be guaranteed. Swim up to the edge of the pool and look for it, because this picture you will not see anywhere else!

Top 10 unusual swimming pools - beautiful, extravagant, and even frightening!

1. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This stunning pool with a hidden under water edge looks fantastic. It seems like this is not a border of an artificial pond and the water surface itself is cut off at a crazy height perfectly smooth edge.

The rooftop pool at Marina Bay Sands, located on the roof of the 57-story building, very large-it covers the whole hotel complex on the perimeter. If the Eiffel tower could be placed on its side, its length would exceed that of the famous architectural design! By the way, the Marina Bay Sands is one of the world's largest swimming pools located on the roofs of skyscrapers.

2. Harbour Plaza Hotel, China

This infinity pool offers captivating panoramic views of Hong Kong harbour. One side of the pool entirely made of durable solid glass, so the swimmers feel like soaring  over the Bay. Guests at this Hong Kong hotel can swim along the edge of the pool enjoying scenic views of the coast, the ocean and boats floating far below.

3. The Joule, USA

Despite the fact that the pool at the Joule can not be called huge or incredibly high, it is still impressive at first sight. Pool located on the roof of one of the sections of the building creates the feeling that people swim over Dallas in a giant aquarium, extended from the top of the hotel over the streets.

The end wall of the pool of the aquarium glass so you can look down through it and see Dallas from a bird's flight.

4. Alila Uluwatu, Bali

Alila Uluwatu – located on the picturesque cliff-top infinity pool. And despite the fact that at first glance it may seem intimidating, in fact it is an absolute tropical Paradise. Guests can enjoy a splendid view of the ocean, enjoying the holidays in a comfortable lounger, and swim in the pool with a perfectly flat water surface, surreal breaking over a rocky cliff and serene ocean waves.

The hotel also features a special guest house surrounded by beautiful tropical trees. He stands on the edge of a rocky plateau, so with its terrace opens a fantastic view stretching far down the ocean as from the pool.

5. W Hong Kong, China

Pool at W hotel in Hong Kong situated at a stunning height of 76 floors. Avant-garde-style Playground, this high-rise pool and bright interior design constantly attracts not only tourists, but also many club parties and glittering parties.

Apart from the breathtaking view from the pool to Hong Kong, W hotel Hong Kong you can also offer hot tubs, infinity enclosed in safety glass.

6. Golden Nugget, USA

Located in the sky the pools do not seem to be something out of the ordinary? Then, you may want to tickle your nerves in the pool Golden Nugget Las Vegas!

Here is complete with a large and very beautiful swimming pool offers an unusual lounge where the sunbeds are not on land but almost under water, a huge room-an aquarium with exotic fish and sharks and even a water slide that passes through this kind of shark reserve.

A fantastic descent through an enclosed water slide passing through a spiral three-storey shark tank – what could be more ordinary?

7. The Library, Thailand

Luxury Thai hotel the Library offers its guests a holiday quite unexpectedly decorated pool. Its location can be described as a common – an outdoor artificial pond nestled near the coast of the Andaman sea, next to it is placed guest houses, beach, sun loungers, parasols and everything you need for a comfortable stay benefits of civilization.

But the design of the pool, The Library is very eccentric. The inside is tiled, blood-red, yellow and orange hues, complete with a special red light gives the impression that it is filled with not just water, and cherry juice. Well or blood – there is already what associations closer.

8. Paresa Phuket, Thailand

Great pool on the roof of the hotel Paresa Phuket with tinted glass sides creates the impression that this huge glass box – just a piece of the sea out of the depths of the sea, and lifted into the air by some magic. Those who swim in this pool, it seems as if the borders disappear, and the pool water will turn into the sprawling sea. Believe me, the mesmerizing feeling!

In addition, you will also be able to enjoy a rather unusual meal – at the Paresa Phuket has a special floating dining tables and sun loungers for two.

9. The Vine, Portugalia                        

Situated on the roof pool of hotel The Vine will impress even the most sophisticated traveler.

Except for amazing comfort and a consistently warm water in the pool, vacationers can enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Bay, mountains and the dazzling lights of the city far below. Also the hotel can offer Jacuzzi, Solarium and an amazing massage. Agree – the best place for relaxation and relaxing is not easy to find.

10. The Palms, USA

In the pool at the Palms the most frightening thing – it is the price. This pool is part of the rooftop penthouse, which wish to enjoy an unusual air travelers will have to rent.

If you do decide to stay in this penthouse, you will be equipped with all the creature comforts, impeccable service, pleasant impressions, and, of course, a personal pool on the roof of one of the most luxurious hotels in Las Vegas.

If you feel a little uncomfortable, soaking up the sun on the top of a skyscraper or swimming in the clouds, one of these amazing hotels of exotic pools may be one of the brightest impressions in your life!

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