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Freedom of choice

Transport in London is cheaper for tourists


From January 2015 travel on public transport in London has become significantly cheaper for tourists. Especially beneficial would be lowering the price for those who stay in hotels in Central London.

The main changes of fares in the public transport and touched a daily cap on the permanent card, Oyster Card — has been canceled all the morning peak rates that were in effect for passenger urban transport until 9:30.

Now at maximum rate limitation established — €15.3, which is valid regardless of the time. Due to this, the move to Central London in the daytime will not exceed €8,4.

Travel in three urban areas of London, including through the airport City, will now cost about €9,8. In the 4 zone, there is a limit in the amount of €12, 5 — €14,3 6 (including at Heathrow) — €15,3.

It might be interesting: 50 stations of the London underground turned into hotels and museums.

For remote urban areas fare in public transport in the daytime will be somewhat increased, but this rise in price partially kompensiruet the abolition of surcharges in peak tariffs.

Passengers who are to travel to London to use only by buses and trams, will be able to save — for such kind of travel day the limit price is only €5,8.

Also tourists who used to enjoy during your stay in London day paper travel card, will be forced to go on the Oyster Card as a Travelcard rate now stands at €15,7 for all urban areas, which is extremely disadvantageous for most travelers.

For this reason, a sightseeing pass London Pass, which had included travel Travelcard, transferred to Oyster Card.

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Date of publication: 19.01.2015

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