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Freedom of choice

Flying on the trapeze in Moscow


Residents and guests of Moscow to the end of September 2016, available in an unusual activity-the flying trapeze. To feel like a trapeze artist on the attraction «Yota-Line» in the Olympic complex «Luzhniki».

Special design with a length of 20 meters and a height of 10 suitable for experienced athletes and professional aerialists, and novices alike, classes are held under the supervision of qualified instructors. Visitors with even minimal physical training, will receive instruction from professionals and will under the supervision of an instructor to master the gymnastic, ropes and rings, flying trapeze, walking on ropes, juggling and jumping on the trampoline.

The cost of one lesson on the trapeze in Moscow is 2000 rubles for three flights.

«a-Line Yota» — is a project partner of which is a French hotel chain Club Med, more than 25 resort hotels where you installed this gymnastic trapeze, allowing guests to enjoy activities and to conduct professional training.

The same gymnastics school, to attend classes in which all students work in tel Aviv, Paris, Milan, new York and London.

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Date of publication: 21.07.2016

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