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Hangover bus in USA


In the United States launched the second hangover bus. Now not only the residents of Las Vegas, but new York can take advantage of this unusual urban transport to recuperate and feel better after a stormy party.

Special buses Hangover Heaven (“Hangover heaven”) to offer its passengers completely get rid of the hangover in just 45 minutes. Helps to bring back to life who moved during parties guests special medical dropper, contributing to enhanced hydration of the body, developed on the basis of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that actively displays the body of toxins.

The cost of providing care hangover starts from $99 for a basic package of services. The clients of Hangover Heaven also are more expensive VIP packages that include a range of Wellness medical treatments, extra medicines, call the hangover bus on the house, etc.

Cost of the cheapest package of services for those suffering from a hangover is $79 — for this value the client will receive the Hangover Heaven 15-minute therapy. The price of the most expensive package - $169.

Just inside the hangover bus can simultaneously accommodate up to 15 passengers.

The author of this life-giving restorative cocktail, unconditionally conquered the hearts of fans loud alcoholic parties — medic Jason Burke, an anesthesiologist from Las Vegas.

During the holidays hangover bus in the United States worked on a daily basis, but after the Christmas holidays they went back to normal mode, and now ply the city streets on Sundays only.

But, according to the organizers, due to the very high demand for such a service the number of nurses who work on the flight Hangover Heaven, has been increased three times, and in the future, if demand will be as high, hungover buses will run on other days of the week.


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Date of publication: 13.01.2015

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