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Food in the bus tours


If you are going to go to the bus tour, you certainly have thought about food on the road.

Because proper healthy eating – the key to good health and, consequently, comfortable.

But if you are distracted while traveling in search of a restaurant, cafe or bistro, the trip can be significantly damaged and not as nice as I would like.

It is therefore very important to pay attention to the power package, which is included in your package – knowing when and what food is provided on your tour, you will be able to plan in advance the time and even to find a good restaurants along the way your tour bus.

Types of food in the bus tours:

In the bus tours, as well as in other types of travel information about the food in the hotels are indicated by the abbreviations BB, HB and FB. These marks indicate the type of food that is included in your travel package.

BB (Bed&Breakfast): denotes that power package from the hotel includes Breakfast only. This option often offers the most fucking bus tours and business trips. But in this category can also be differences: the Breakfast can be so-called Breakfast buffet with a variety of salads, pastries and snacks, or a Cup of coffee and a light snack, for example, a small sandwich, portioned jar of yogurt or a croissant.

If the Breakfast provide small hotels facing the bus tour, tourists usually prepare some hot dishes: scrambled eggs with bacon or scrambled eggs, and sausage plus juice or tea.

Breakfast in the bus tours usually served around 7 am, but if you need to leave before that time, for example, on a trip or to the airport, you can always warn the receptionist about the time of his departure, and the Breakfast for these guests will be served at a specified time. But it is worth remembering that in such cases, tourists are usually offered only cold items, no hot items, or just give a small lunch box.

Important! In hotels, Breakfast is always included in the price, rejecting them does not reduces the cost of accommodation.

NV (Nalf-Board): power package “half”, the most popular type of package food at most resorts, but occurring rarely in the bus tours. Half Board usually includes Breakfast and dinner-Breakfast is almost always buffet style and dinner – or salad bar, or buffet.

Important! in this embodiment, power drinks (even plain water) is usually paid, and are much more expensive than at most stores and cafes. Particularly high prices may be on the alcohol that offer for dinner.

FB (Full-Board): package power "full Board", i.e. three meals a day. In the bus tours it is very rare – only in very expensive packages.

In this packet food for Breakfast and dinner are usually served the same way as in the package “half”, and dinners are held, or in the same buffet or the usual a La carte menus.

Important! During lunch and dinner any drinks only for a fee, and the cost of food while traveling can even exceed the price of the tour.  

ALI (All Inclusive): “all inclusive”. Involves at least three meals a day with a good choice of meals, free alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The amount available for food choices and frequency of food during the day, depending on “star” of the hotel and its service may vary in a big way (up to six times the power with free access to the tables with sweets and light snacks throughout the day).

Such a power package are usually not very common in Europe and very popular in Turkey, but never found in the bus tours.

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Date of publication: 17.02.2014

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