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Freedom of choice

Hotels in the style of «Hobbit»


Do you like hobbits?

Worldwide fans of the wonderful fantasy creatures every year becomes more and more.

Therefore, hobbits and all that is connected with them, have now become not just popular-they have become a real trend.

For fans of little fairy men there are already themed hotels for guests created the most hobbitesque conditions.

So, in the complex Enchanted Hobbit House, located at a picturesque forest in new Mexico, you will be able to live in a stylized hobbit hole. Built of red brick housing looks very nice-comfortable furniture, decorated in old style, classic English bathroom, large fireplace and a mountain of little cushions provide comfort and an indescribable hobbitesque atmosphere. And in front of the entrance to this ranch-style “Hobbit” is a small garden in the same magical fairy-tale style.

The price of the stay Enchanted Hobbit House, new Mexico: from $190/day.

If you like not only the hobbits, but tropical beaches, you can book a room in Hawaiian Lodge Hobbit House. Stay in this hotel will be just a wonderful choice for fans of ecotourism. The hotel is built of ecologically clean natural materials and provided with electricity from the sun.

A small house with small arched doors and accurate circular Windows and offers its residents a real chabicovsky entourage: secret passages, lots of levels and hidden passages between the rooms will plunge into the fabulous world of your favorite characters.

Another significant plus in favor of this hotel complex-its location. Hobbit House located on a tall hill near the beach of black sand, which walks a lot of green turtles. The hotel is removed from civilization, so guests can fully enjoy natural relaxation.

The price of accommodation in hotel Hobbit House, Hawaii: from $140/day.

But in Cornwall the magic fans of barefoot men waiting for a camping area, which features hobbitesque style. the Camping Hobbit Hut can offer stand-alone forest houses, equipped with all the necessary benefits of civilization. Cozy hobbit design, neat shower and soft bed with crisp white linens will allow you to relax from the urban bustle in a pleasant themed environment.

The cost of renting hobbitesque house in Cornwall is €33 per night.

For those who goes on holiday to France, the good news is that there are also themed hotel in the style of the hobbits.

Complex Hobbit House, located in the French town of Bellac, be sure to find something to surprise your guests.

First, it is an old building. Second, the house is the oldest building in the city – it was built in the XV century, and still survived just fine. And thirdly, in the complex Hobbit House will comfortably accommodate a large family or company: seven neat bedrooms, living room with fireplace and a beautiful large garden will do the rest for you and your loved ones unforgettable.

The price of accommodation in the hotel Hobbit House, Bellac: from €77/day.

But if you want to relax not just in a themed guest house, be sure to go to Montana. the Hobbit House located in a picturesque forest area, Montana is considered the most authentic hobbit hotel in the world.

Guests of this hotel complex has prepared this piece of fairy tale. Here you will see cute little houses, designed in the style of Tolkien books that captivate from the first sight with its round Windows and doors, fantastic lights illuminating streets, small gardens, a windmill and even a magic well. And everywhere apart from the statues and figures depicting the characters of Tolkien, making this little Hobbiton looks even more magical.

Looking to rent a house in Hobbit House of Montana, is from $245/day.

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Date of publication: 06.01.2014

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