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Opera house opens in Dubai


31 August 2016 will mark a historic event — in Dubai, UAE, opened the first Opera house. The Dubai Opera will be located in the exclusive area of downtown and will be the first step in creating a new epicenter of cultural life of the country — The Opera District.

According to local authorities, the building of the Dubai Opera will be worthy of the title masterpiece of the world architecture. The design of the building, reminiscent of an old schooner Dhow symbolizes the connection between modern Emirates with its historical past, the seafaring tradition and craft of the pearl divers. But the main thing — design allows you to transform complex depending on the format and scale of the event.

For example, the Dubai Opera house is from the classic Opera house, which seats 2,000 spectators, and turn into a Grand concert hall with sound reflectors, and a colonnade open exhibition space or a Banquet hall. Thus, there can be a variety of activities — from performances, concerts, ballet, fashion shows, trade shows and social events. Also on the roof of the building will operate a restaurant and high-rise garden, which will open up stunning panoramic views of Dubai's famous fountains and the Burj Khalifa.

In addition, a new cultural wonder of the world in the day of its opening will take the legend of the world Opera — Placido Domingo, one of the most famous and talented Opera singers of our time. But to attend the concert “King of the Opera” in Dubai, which will be held on August 31, only 2000 lucky people who managed to buy tickets — all the seats in the concert hall was sold out within the first three hours after the commencement of ticket sales.

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Date of publication: 27.07.2016

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