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Freedom of choice

Where to go instead of Crimea? 8 ideas


Many Ukrainians vacation in the Crimea has long been associated only with SCC, there you can find everything you need for a good rest – sea, sun, mountains and landmarks.

And although today is a holiday in the Crimea for citizens of Ukraine for the 2014 season due to the political situation in the country was called into question, should not be considered a holiday season spoiled, as there are always plenty of alternative travel options! The prices on vacation in different resorts and hotels can be even lower similar proposals in the Crimea.

Turkish resorts and Egypt, for example, can offer a decent recreational options by the sea for a fairly modest sum, you will be able to visit interesting local attractions and enjoy the sensational flavor of these countries.

But if you wanted to spend may holidays 2014 in the country, and do not plan to travel abroad, you should pay attention to the interesting tourist routes in Ukraine, which in the last years turned out to be amid the traditional summer South coast unjustly forgotten.

Travel portal Online Tikets have prepared a list of interesting places for the different holidays in Ukraine – the sea and the mountains, castles and fortresses, ancient cities and picturesque forests.


Incredibly colorful port city, the beautiful sea, and the special Odessa flavor that permeated even the air.

In Odessa you will find a large choice of restaurants of different price category with excellent cuisine, modern tourist services and, of course, ancient architecture. The city has many well-known films and artworks places – boulevards, streets and districts.

Daffodil valley

Valley of daffodils in Transcarpathia-is a reserved array in Kireshi tract. The history of the valley goes to the ancient times and is connected with the departure of the glaciers. Now in the relict valley grows more than 400 species of different plants, including very rare, also it is home to over 100 species of birds.

Daffodils flowering begins in late April-early may.


Kamianets-Podilskyi is called the town-reserve and town-Museum under the open sky. Very beautiful architecture and many historical monuments make it a true treasure trove for lovers of antiquity and the magical historic atmosphere of European cities.

The main attraction of this town in Khmelnytskyi region – the Kamenetz-Podolsk fortress. The picturesque medieval castle is very well preserved, and still impresses with its grandeur and beauty. Fans of ancient legends and medieval architecture will appreciate it.

Lviv castles

Lviv «Golden horseshoe» is a series of castles located on the territory of Lviv region. After visiting them, you will be able not only to touch the beautiful antiquity and to admire the architecture of centuries ago. You will see the true power of medieval defensive architecture of Ukraine and feel the grandeur of these ancient architectural ensembles, not inferior in beauty and prescription history for many well-known European castles, palaces and fortresses.


In Chernihiv region there is an old estate Kachanivka-a single Palace-Park ensemble on the territory of Ukraine, survived during revolutions and wars. The amazing beauty of the pond and manicured Palace gardens, ancient buildings and outbuildings Kachanivka has been preserved almost in its original form.

Near the estate there is also the Palace and Park ensembles of Sokyryntsi and Degtyarev, and the arboretum “Sokol”.


Shops – it is a beautiful village in the Ukraine, which just amazes tourists with its clean, uncomplicated beauty.

Excellent infrastructure, a picturesque gazebo on the shore of the Swan pond, flowering beds and the majestic Church of the Nativity makes it so bright and cozy that shops often receives comparisons to little Switzerland.


Summer in Bukovel can offer a variety of sports and active holidays: rafting, Biking and parks will not allow travelers to get bored. You can climb the mountain – even on a small height, even for Goverla-Bukovel in the spring there are several Hiking trails in the mountains of varying difficulty.

There is also a small, but very clean and a beautiful mountain lake with open beaches. In addition, located in the mountains of the resort will delight tourists with amazing natural beauty and incredibly clean air.


Despite the fact that located in the foothills of Yaremche think winter resort, in summer it also has, what to see and where to relax.

The crystal clear mountain air, enchanting waterfalls and lush greenery pure, untouched nature will not only relax but also improve your health during the holidays. The fans of active rest in the summer here can offer Cycling, horse riding and rafting on a mountain river. The children in the village are very like the local petting zoo.

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