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Changed routes of trains (updated)


From 22 July 2014 to 10 August 2014 will be changed the route of the passenger train Mariupol-Baranovichi (No. 384 / 383). During this period the train will follow only to Kharkov.

According to the updated schedule, composition No. 384 / 383 Mariupol-Baranovichi will depart at 22:17 from the station Baranovichi-Polesskie, and arrive at the station Kharkov-Passenger, 19:13 the next day.

Back from the station Kharkov-Passenger flights will depart at 3:12, and arrive at the station Baranovichi-Polesskie at 00:15 next day.

Changes in the running of this train was introduced, uz, at the request of the Belarusian Railways.

From the Ukrainian Railways, the passengers were provided a transfer from the train Mariupol-Baranovichi (No. 384) on the flight of Kharkov to Mariupol. In the period from 24 July to 13 August, transfer of passengers will be on the train Mariupol-Kharkiv (№322). The departure time of this flight from Mariupol — 18:38, arrival time of train # 322 to Kharkov — 4:43.

Next will be transplanted to the train Simferopol-Minsk (No. 100). The arrival time of the train №100 in Kharkov — 5:21, departure time: 05:44.

Passengers who refuse to travel this train, can recover the full value of the purchased railway tickets  in accordance with applicable law.

In the future running of train No. 384/383 Mariupol-Baranovichi will be cancelled. The departure from Baranovichi will end on August 12, and from Mariupol – August 14, 2014.

Uz also informs about change of routes of passenger trains Lugansk — Moscow (No. 11 / 12), Lugansk-Kyiv (№ 125/126, № 19 / 20, № 286, № 564) and Lugansk-Kharkov (No. 787). Now these trains will run via the station Yasynuvata, debaltseve, Skotovataya, Lozova, Konstantinovka and Slavyansk.

Information about changes of trains to the Eastern regions of Ukraine on July 30, 2014:

Cancelled train  Dnipropetrovsk-Donetsk-Dnepropetrovsk (No. 763 / 766).

Also in connection with the closing of Lugansk train station, the trains that ran through the site of the railway Chaplino-Krasnoarmeysk now run through the length of the path Lozova — Slavyansk. Changed routes of trains:

Kiev — Donetsk — Kiev (No. 38 / 37)

Sevastopol-Donetsk-Sevastopol (n 48 / 47)

Uman-Yasinovataya-Uman (No. 364 / 363)

Odessa — Yasynuvata — Odessa (No. 92 / 91)

Lviv-Mariupol-Lviv (№ 70 / 69)

Kiev — Mariupol-Kiev (No. 84 / 83). the 1 August 2014 returned on the same route. From August 10 to train goes Donetsk on its route. Passengers Mariupol and Volnovakha can use separate additional train, to follow from Mariupol to Kiev via station door, Reed-Zari and Zaporozhye.

Cancelled non-stop cars on flights Lugansk — Lviv group cars route Lugansk — Odessa.

due to damage to the railway infrastructure is temporarily not movement on the railway sections: KondrashevskaAlder, Postnikov Torez, Donetsk Donetsk Northern Donetsk North month and station Torez.

Info about the changes on August 6, 2014:

Running of trains message Dnipropetrovsk-Donetsk-Dnepropetrovsk (No. 764 / 765) cancelled on 6 August.

Train Kiev-Yasinovataya-Kiev (№ 134 / 133) is canceled. Departure from Kiev will be stopped from August 9, Yasinovataya — on 10 August 2014.

Cancelled as of July 27, a passenger train Kiev-Yasinovataya (No. 126 / 125) , previously plying on the route Lugansk-Kyiv, will return to the route on August 9. Under the new schedule the train will depart from Kiev at 14:24 (arrival 5:12), Yasinovataya-18:34 (arrival at 9:40).

Changing the schedule of trains as of 11 August:

Train MariupolDonetsk — Lions ( No. 69) 10 Aug goes station Donetsk.

Train Yasinovataya — Simferopol ( No. 341) temporarily sent Donetsk and operates changed route railroad Yasinovataya — Kostiantynivka — SlavicLozova.

Changing the schedule of trains as of 14 August:

Starting August 14, 2014 changed the schedule of the train Yasynuvata-Kiev-Yasinovataya (No. 126 / 125). Now the flights will depart from the station Yasinovataya at 20:22, and arrive in Kiev at 11:26 the next day. In the opposite direction the train will depart from the station Kiev-Passenger at 14:25 and arrive to the station Yasinovataya at 5:50.

Relevant information about the cancellation of flights to Ukraine, and also about changes in the schedule of flights can be viewed here.

Information about changes in the schedule from 18 August 2014 in connection with the destruction at the station Yasynuvata is here.

Change of the train schedule of Railways in October 2014

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