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Freedom of choice

Changes to the rules of registration of foreigners in Kazakhstan


The Kazakh authorities are considering changes to the rules of registration of foreigners — it is assumed that the new system will be quick and automated.

Now foreign citizens arriving in Kazakhstan for five days or more, must undergo a mandatory registration in relevant bodies of the Ministry of interior, which takes a lot of time with tourists due to the high load on the migration service and a large number of queues.

Thus, it appears that foreign nationals coming to rest in Kazakhstan, spend a lot of time on the preparation of necessary permitting paperwork is in order to relax and get acquainted with the sights of the country. In case that the tourist does not pass a mandatory registration, he faces fines and even the risk of imprisonment.

This situation, according to the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a throwback and has a negative impact on the development of tourism in the country, so it is now considered variants of the simplified system of registration of arriving foreign citizens. In particular the options for the introduction of electronic visas, electronic automatic airport check-ins or special cards with bar codes issued to tourists upon arrival and withdrawn before return. 

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Date of publication: 20.09.2016

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