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Freedom of choice

Where the world's best hotels? Only in Monaco!


Small, but such a colorful Principality of Monaco, famous for its extraordinary history, magnificent gambling houses, beautiful resorts and, of course, a fascinating story of a modern Cinderella met her fairy Prince – the gorgeous grace Kelly, tourists from all over the world recognized as the best country for tourism.

This time, the highest praise was awarded to the hotels of Monaco – not the results of voting conducted among the more than 11 million tourists, the best hotels in the world in 2014 was recognized as hotel of the Principality of Monaco. The rating was tourism portal hotels, and this vote was attended by hotel complexes all over the world.

Hotels of the Principality of Monaco, which is not the first to hold the palm in 2014, has scored in the ranking best hotels in the world the largest number of positive reviews, and eventually received 4.4 points out of a possible 5.

Second place in the list of the best hotels this year took the hotels and resorts of French Polynesia and Slovenia, who scored  on 4.3 points. Later in this honorable ranking of hotels there are hotels of the Cayman Islands belonging to the crown of great Britain, and the Islands of Caicos and Turks-they also scored the same number of points – it's 4.2 out of 5 available.

In addition, the travel portal separately collected a ranking of hotels, not only for countries but also for individual tourist cities. According to the results of this survey best reviews and ratings awarded to cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Vancouver and Venice. The campers recognized the most comfortable hotels in Hong Kong on several criteria: the level of service, quality and quantity of services, conditions of detention and clean.

Also, special marks were awarded to the cities in States such as Washington, Portland, Nashville, Boston and San Antonio – assessment of the level of service, cleanliness and living conditions. The most affordable accommodation many people call it Portland hotels, the room rate in which begins at about $50 per day.

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Date of publication: 14.07.2014

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