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Festivals of Croatia in October 2014


Travel to Croatia today is very popular among Ukrainian tourists – a country with special European charm, perfectly combines the beautiful nature, special local flavor and a lot of interesting events, celebrations and customs.

If you want to go on holiday to Croatia in October, be sure to check out the list of festivals and events – this month they are really very much, so you can easily choose for themselves the entertainment that will be of your liking. Festivals Croatia in October 2014:

The truffle fair Dani Zigante tartufa 2014

Location: Istria

When date: September 21 to November 22, 2014

Want to eat a rare delicacy-white truffles? Croatia will provide you with the opportunity – in the country he began the season white truffles! Every year in the period of maturation of this rare fungus in Croatia are attended by tens of thousands of tourists-gourmets from all over the world come to enjoy delicious truffles in Croatia.

Castanyada (chestnut Fair)

Location: town of Hrvatska-Kostajnica

When date: 1-31 October 2014

Castanyada in Croatia – it's something special, because during this month you will be able to try out all existing kinds of dishes of chestnuts. Don't believe? Come to Hrvatska-Kostajnica, and you will be able to see this in person!

In addition, you will also be able to visit the chestnut woods and observe the process of collecting chestnuts, which traditionally accompany mass celebrations and folk festivals with music, dancing and treats. And if you want, you can even take part in this action in person.

Days of olives

Location: Punat

When date: from October 1 to November 30, 2014

Olives in Croatian cuisine are used everywhere: as a standalone snack, ingredients of different dishes and for making oil. And especially a lot of olive groves growing on the Adriatic coast – not surprising that it is here, in the town of Punat on Krk island, is held annually, the Days of olives.

Picking olives in Punat takes place is noisy and a lot of fun, with traditional music and delicious refreshments for the participants and guests of the festival. During October, every evening the best Croatian chefs compete in cooking a variety of dishes from olives, tasting and master-classes.

Wine marathon

Location: Baranja

When date: October 4, 2014

What is a wine marathon in Croatia? It's fun, delicious and very cool!

All day Croatian town of Lamb's noisy and fun-fairs, exhibitions, gastronomic program with tastings and master classes, performances of folklore ensembles, competitions wine cellars not for a moment will allow holiday guests to get bored! Presented by local wine producers assess the runners and visitors. And at the end of the day you are waiting for the concert, which takes place here directly on the wine furrows.

Autumn in the Face

Location: Gospic

When date: October 4-5, 2014

Big autumn fair exhibition which presents food products that produce local farming, consumer goods, DIY, decoration, decorative elements and many different interesting things handmade. Want to treat yourself an authentic souvenir from Croatia? Then be sure to check the festival “Fall in the Face”. By the way, throughout the day there will be concerts and performances of local folk ensembles of song and dance – vivid, an unusual spectacle, to see which is here Among!

The days of jelačić

Location: zaprešić

When date: 4-19 October 2014

These days the Croatian town of Zapresic honors the memory of its ban (Governor), famous for his selfless struggle for the rights and freedom of the Croatian people. Tourists have something to look at in the days of jelačić: the solemn procession, equestrian competition, “Jelačić ball” and a big household fair in Zapresic will provide a good rest and interesting entertainment program.

Annual festival in October timed to the birthday of ban Jelacic.

Kup Trilja

Location: trilj

When date: 6-8 Oct 2014

Cup Nursery Trilj (Kup Trilja) – this event, which will be interesting for hunters and for those who is engaged in hunting tourism and the breeding of special breeds of dogs. These days in the surroundings of Trilj, which are considered the best hunting grounds of Croatia, annually visited by hunters, breeders, owners of kennels and breeders of hunting dogs from different countries.

Marunada (Festival of chestnut)

Location: Lovran, Liganj, Isolation

When date: 11-26, 2014

Maroons – this is one of the world's best varieties of chestnut that grows only in the region of Kvarner. Marunada, the festival of chestnut varieties Maroun, lasts for three weekend in a row, every weekend, changing the venue. The festival begins in the town of Liganj from which the festival moved to the village of Isolation, and Dobreci – in Lovran.

During the festival Marunada in Croatia you will be able to try a variety of dishes made from chestnut trees of this variety-soups, snacks, desserts, souffles, and even sponge and butter cakes from maroon. In addition to brown dishes the guests of the festival will also offer many other traditional Croatian dishes, a variety of homemade liqueurs, wine and honey vodka.

The schedule of Marunada:

Ligang: 11-12.10.2014

Isolation: 18-19.10.2014

Lovran: 24-26.10.2014


Location: čakovec

When date: 14-18 October 2014

Assitey – is an annual theatre festival for children, held in the Croatian town of čakovec. Go on vacation to Croatia with a child? Be sure to visit Assitey together with your baby!

The most interesting theatrical performances and the best professional actors will open for young viewers magical world of fairy tales and adventures. In performance also will participate talented children from schools of acting.

Adriatic winter Rhapsody

Location: Istra

When date: October 15, 2014 - March 15, 2015

What is Adriatic winter Rhapsody? It's bright, exciting and delicious combination of traditional fishing, delicious seafood and a variety of dishes from the freshest fish and seafood. The coastal part of North-Western Istria is waiting for fans of good fishing, traditional cuisine and Istrian wines!

Zagreb Film Festival

Location: Zagreb

When date: 19-26 October 2014

Zagreb Film Festival – this is a great festival that gathers as the creators of the movie, and fans of intellectual cinema. The movies here are usually designed for true connoisseurs, a kind of films, so they don't come out in wide release. So often the film festival in Zagreb is the only chance to see these tapes.

In addition, the screenings in Zagreb are usually accompanied by interesting concerts and shows.

Biograd Boat Show

Location: Zagreb

When date: 23-26 October 2014

Boat Show Biograd (biogradsko autumn leather fair) is the place where you will learn a lot of useful and important information about voyages, conclude business contracts, and just have a good time. The program of events at the Fair is designed so that visitors and participants could comfortably combine business and leisure: day at the Fair, hold meetings and meetings of representatives of navigation companies, and in the evening the big concert program.

Big martinska splanzia

Location: Koprivnica

When date: October 24, 2014

Big martinska splanzia in Koprivnica – meeting thirty «martinsky bishops” that come to this festival from all over Croatia.

Holiday thanks to its exclusive program is very popular among tourists from different countries. Elections of Grand masters martinski ceremony, the baptism of the young wine presentation of the wine "confirmation baptism”, which marks the transformation of the “pagan” of wine, exquisite noble drink, great entertainment and, of course, plenty of tastings of local wines – all this makes the holiday bright, unusual and very interesting!

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