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Additional trains in August


Since August 2014, Ukrzaliznytsia introduces additional trains. In particular, passengers will be asked to use trains Lviv-Kremenchuk — the lions (No. 577 / 578), Kyiv-Kremenchuk-Kyiv (№ 213 / 214) and train intercity Kyiv-Ternopil-Kyiv (№ 747 / 748).

Train No. 577, 578, 213 and 214 – temporary train, which will run throughout August. This month, the Railways will examine the demand for new additional trains, and in the case that the proposed passenger routes will be needed in the future they will be run on a regular basis.

Also-time will run the train Kyiv-Uzhgorod-Kyiv (№ 207 / 507).

Schedule additional trains in August 2014:

№ 577 / 578, lions — Kremenchug-lions:

The train will be operated from 18 August through the day.

The train departure time: from Kremenchug – 14:57, from the city – 12:42.

Time of arrival: Lviv – 10:01, Kremenchug – 6:30.

Stops on route: Pavlysh, Znamenka, Koristovka, Fundukleevska, article them. Taras Shevchenko, Shpola, Floral, Bahacheve, Zvenigorodka, Tal, Potash, Hristinovka, Rozkoshivka, Kublych, Ziatkivtsi, gubnik ruled, Ladyzhyn, Demkivka, Kyrnasivka, Zhmerynka, Vapnyarka, Derazhnya, Khmelnitsky, Podvolochisk, 'k, Ternopil, Złoczew, Red..

№  213 / 214, Kiev-Kremenchug-Kiev:

The trains will be performed from July 31. From Kremenchug departure will be operated on Thursdays and Sundays, and from Kiev-on Fridays and Saturdays.

Time of departure from Kiev-23:50, from Kremenchug – 23:24.

Arrival time: Kiev – 05:05, Kremenchug – 05:59.

Stop on stations: Darnitsa, Comb, Lubny, Romodan, vBulletin, Veselyi Podil, Globino.

 747 / 748, Kyiv-Ternopil-Kyiv:

The trains will be performed from August 22 through the day.

The departure time of the train: from Kiev – 6:14, from Ternopil – 15:14.

Arrival time: to Ternopil – 12:01, in Kiev – 20:51.

Stop on stations: Khmelnitsky, Vinnitsa.

 207 / 507, Kyiv-Uzhgorod-Kyiv:

The trains will be performed August 1 from Kiev and 3 August from Uzhgorod.

The departure time of the train: from Kiev – 17:30, from Uzhgorod – 11:17.

Arrival time: to Uzhgorod – 9:31, in Kiev – 4:36.

A stop at the station: Kazatin-1, Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia, Ternopil, Podvolochisk, Złoczew, Lviv, Skole, Stryi, Slavske, Volovets, Lavochne, Svalyava, Mukachevo, the Carpathians and Batavo.

Information and additional trains to the independence Day of Ukraine 2014, you can watch here.

To buy tickets for the extra trains you can already using the booking service Online Tikets. To purchase electronic railway tickets, click link and menu selection of tickets route and the desired date.

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