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Freedom of choice

A big concert program in Mexico


In the period from 8 to 26 October 2014 in the Mexican city of Guanajuato, located in the Central part of the country, will host the 42nd international arts festival Festival International Cervantino.

During these two and a half weeks on the festival grounds will be the actors from 40 countries.

The total number of participants will reach more than 4 thousand people.

Country, who is the honorary guest of the festival Internacional Cervantino in 2014 – Japan.

The program of the festival Cervantino 2014 includes almost all the types and directions of art.

Guests of this feast of talent will be able to attend the classical theatrical performances and productions in the modern style, concerts of singers and musicians from different movements, as well as see various exhibitions of painting, sculpture and literature.

In addition to the above arts festival Cervantino will involve large-scale screenings of contemporary cinema and will be presented the exhibition of folk art from different countries.

During the period of the arts festival of Cervantino in Mexico will be nearly 700 different cultural events-concerts, performances, exhibitions, discussions and workshops. Part concert venue will be located in the underground tunnels of Guanajuato.

Also during the festival in Guanajuato regularly will be tasting dishes of traditional Mexican cuisine.

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Date of publication: 10.10.2014

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