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Freedom of choice

Golden rules of accommodation in the hostel


In the hot summer, when the cost of living in hotels is rapidly growing up, be a real boon for those who prefer traveling on a budget.

Today, the European hostels are popular not only among students but also among tourists. And yet it should be noted that in modern hostels comfort and safety for guests are provided at a decent level, not worse than in many hotels.

But what if the experience of living in the hostel there and want to try? Service “Online Tikets” have prepared for you 11 important rules, observing that you can comfortably be accommodated.

What is a hostel?

Many of our countrymen the concept hostel is involuntarily associated with the usual student hostel without any amenities. In fact, in European countries, hostels are called small budget hotels, which, in fact, closer to the hotels than hostels. Here you can enjoy a cheap night in well-appointed rooms, and the cook, you can own the shared kitchen.

Usually in the hostels rooms 4, 8 or 16 people. From time to time you can find double rooms, however, they are almost the same as in a cheap hotel. Bathroom and toilet in hostels, and meals are in common use, but very neat and homey, so often there is an easy relaxed atmosphere in the big amicable companies.

1. To get rid of prejudices

While in Europe, it should be remembered that practically all hostels – this is not a hostel with a suspicious odor, cockroaches and bad linoleum, and safe and clean place in which to rest cultural people - young people, tourists, travelers. So if you suddenly decide to stay in a similar institution, try to get rid of any prejudices — nothing like you here.

2. Know English at least at a basic level

By staying in a hostel, it is recommended to know at least a few phrases in English that would help you in communicating with roommates and administration agencies, and understand that you will say in response.

3. Recommended hostel

It is no secret that the recommendations of friends and acquaintances who have lived in any hostel worth considering. Lie they certainly will not tell you everything as it really is.

4. Book in advance

When planning your vacation in Europe, it is important to remember that it is better to book a hostel as early as possible. In peak periods-summer and New year – those wishing to relax in the European countries a lot and can be folded so that all the good and average places will be scored for some time ahead. So remember that the sooner you start to look for our hostel to make the reservation, the more chances to find the option you want, at a good price.

5. Consider the location

It is recommended to choose a hostel that is located in the city centre or at least close to it. Despite the fact that hostels are usually located on the site of the main tourist "trails”, it is better to specify in advance how close your chosen institution to the attractions of a region.

6. To take a cheap hostel

One of the most important principles of living in the hostel is a comfortable accommodation choice at a small price. The price usually depends on the number of persons who will reside with you in the room and the class of institution. On “exclusivity” it is better not to swim, as in this case, it would be better to stay in a nice hotel.

7. To live in a hostel with Wi-Fi

Many of the tourists are unable to leave laptops, tablets and mobile phones even while resting. Even if you want to take a break from everything, it does not mean that you stop checking e-mail, to discuss their experiences with friends on Skype or to tell the parents or loved ones that you're okay.

And though Wi-Fi is usually included in the list of services that are provided by default in hostels to check its availability beforehand. It should also be remembered that use of file-sharing sites in the hostels is not accepted.

8. Be vigilant

In the hostel you will have to live with many people from different countries with their habits and culture, so vigilance is unlikely to be superfluous. To store their belongings in the safe or locker which is available in the room, and the key always carry with you. Be observant and let us know if hostel rules are violated, but do not overdo it and to suspect anything and all.

9. Adequately behave in non-standard situations

Trouble sometimes still occur. Force majeure can happen in the budget hostel or in a luxury hotel, so where ever you are, always try to control myself. If you are annoyed or you are not satisfied with something, no need to fuss. Just explain to the receptionist that you were expecting, say, a more spacious and quiet room. If possible, you definitely will meet your needs and solve your problem.

10. To be sociable

The hostel is quite possible to make friends that next time you can go to visit. Communication skills – is one of the keys of living in a Dorm.

11. Feel the atmosphere of the hostel

Hostel – is not just a place where you share a bed with people from different countries of the world. It is a special atmosphere that should be experienced. You will definitely understand what was going on when, after a walk through Berlin or Stockholm will be in a circle of friendly people from all over the world.

Which hostel to choose?

If you want to book a hostel, it can be done on our website under “Booking hotels” through an affiliate system But your TOP-5 list of comfortable and cheap hostels in version of “Online Tikets”.

1. Lisbon Lounge Hostel, Portugal

Great location, interiors, worked with local artists, an excellent atmosphere and cleanliness-all this will surprise even the most demanding tourists.

Price: from 1078 UAH for 3 nights.

2. Wombats City Hostel Berlin, Germany

Huge hostel attracts travelers with its fun and easy “disposition”. During happy hour at the bar you can enjoy a beer for only 1 Euro.

Price: from 3918 UAH for 3 nights.

3. Nomads Queenstown, New Zealand

New beds, delicious cuisine, lounge with fireplace, a magnificent view of the lake and mountains – here is a new Zealand hostel is always glad to new visitors.

Price: from 873 UAH for 3 nights.

4. Central Montreal, Canada

Night light at each bed, free Breakfast, clean rooms and bathrooms – this hostel is considered the best in North America.

Price: from 1027 UAH for 3 nights.

5. Mushroom Point, Cambodia

Hut-Bungalow, beach nearby, ever-changing menu – it's only a hostel in Cambodia. The bonus of this place is the excellent service and unity with nature.

Price: from 242 UAH per day.

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