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Freedom of choice

Japan: a new passenger train VIP-class


In Japan, the flight becomes a new passenger train on its functionality and luxurious design resembles more of an upscale modern hotels, not the vehicle. To buy tickets for this train will be a passenger – as a foreign guest and local resident. The price of tickets for this flight will be slightly higher than on ordinary trains.

Similar trains in Japan are not uncommon – luxuriously decorated compositions have long been connecting the number of regions, including Kanto, Chugoku, Tohoku. Now the leaders of Japanese Railways took the decision to launch another tourist train VIP-class – on the Hokuriku route. New luxury train will move along the route Kanazawa-wakura Onsen, hot springs.

This innovation will promote growth of popularity of the Hokuriku region among tourists, the administration believes that Japanese W/e.

Thus the special role of the trap is not a luxury design of interior decoration of cars, and ethnic motifs in design – the cars will be fitted with classic Japanese furniture of lacquered wood, and the trim is made of gold-plated elements and ornaments in the style of a traditional Japanese kimono.

The style in which the designers plan to draw passenger wagons, combines tradition, art and crafts for many centuries common it is in the region of Hokuriku. Passengers will be able to taste different kinds of Japanese sweets and several kinds of sake produced in this region. Also everyone will visit during the trip, performances of folk ensembles, which will be held in one of the train cars, specially converted into a miniature concert hall.

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Date of publication: 28.07.2014

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