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Sleep on the plane. Rules and tips


Air travel well-save time & ndash; the road, which would take several days when the journey by railway or by road and can be reached by plane in a few hours.

But if you go on vacation in some remote corner of the planet, the flight can last quite a long time.

Online Tikets have prepared for you a list of tips that will help you to sleep during the flight, to be well rested on arrival.

By the way, also you may be useful tips, how to adapt to changing time zones.

1. Choose a window seat

When you order and buy a plane ticket, be sure to specify that you want to take the window seat. It will give several bonuses: if your neighbor will rise up during the flight, he's not going to Wake you – this time, and you will have a little more space – on the plane even a few spare inches of personal space can significantly facilitate the journey – two.

If the aircraft you are not swayed, try to choose a location closer to the tail. In front of the cabin shaking during the flight it feels a bit smaller than the tail, so there are often accommodated passengers with children. Where children, there is a constant noise, so those who want to sleep during your flight, you should stay away from nursery company.

Also it is not recommended to buy seats in the last row of the plane – the queue to the toilets, which will be constantly trampled down next to your chair and incessant talking standing near you passengers can ruin not only the sleep, but the whole trip. In addition, these places almost all models of aircraft do not recline to the end, which is also not conducive to proper rest.

2. Take care of yourself

Take the plane in the water – the interior air is too dry, which causes dehydration, which, in turn, is the cause of insomnia. You should not drink alcohol during the flight – he will not quench the thirst and help the body to relax, and Vice versa – gives an additional burden on the heart.

By the way, the correct distribution of load on the heart may help to sleep on the plane, even those who are experiencing this challenge. Lean the seat forward, press your elbows into your knees and slow, measured breathing. When you feel that the tension subsides, and breathing fully aligned, smoothly recline in the chair and sit back – you'll be able to sleep easily and quickly.

3. Pick comfortable clothes

For air travel you need to dress up as comfortably as possible. Only natural fabrics the most practical and comfortable styles. Shoes should also be practical and comfortable-no heels and platform soles.

 4. Eating right

A slight feeling of fullness contributes greatly to the sleep – not on an empty stomach or overeating sleep you can't. Remember that food rich in carbohydrates, sweets and caffeinated products stimulate, while green vegetables and protein foods can help with sleep. Another effective way to quickly fall asleep on the plane – to eat or drink something cool. Ice cream, chilled juice or yogurt will help to fool the body, reducing the temperature to its usual state of sleep mark.

5. Accessories

Each time the pilot makes an announcement, he turns off the light, and the passengers always use individual bulbs, so no eye patches to sleep would be not just difficult but rather impossible.

The same applies to the noise in the cabin-passengers talking, baby crying, and many other sounds can disturb the sleep of even the most unflappable man, and headphones with music or film will not be a panacea. But sleep time during the flight ear plugs will become your most loyal friends.

Use to sleep on the plane, a clamp for the neck – it allows the neck muscles to relax and you can not only fall asleep faster, but also long enough to sleep. Form of head restraints in passenger aircraft is often not nearly as comfortable as I would like, and not allows you to freely relax during the flight. Besides, this accessory will insure you from an awkward situation with an intimate revival on the shoulder of the seated passenger.

But the most important rule for those who want to sleep – in any case it is not necessary to sit with closed eyes and intense thoughts about what to fill the need, but does not work, and time goes by etc. Is the most common mistake of people suffering from insomnia. Never think about what you need to sleep – from the thoughts that you need to do something, and that something does not work, comes not sleep, and irritation.

Follow these simple rules and think about something pleasant, for example, about the upcoming holidays, and the dream will gradually come by itself!

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Date of publication: 12.05.2014

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