Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

In Russia came the non-refundable tickets


Russian airline Aeroflot 21 June 2014 transferred the tickets tariff groups Promotional and Budget in the category non-refundable. So now almost all booked tickets budget categories Aeroflot passengers, refused from the flight, to surrender.

Those passengers who bought plane tickets Aeroflot and its subsidiaries — Aurora, Russia and Donavia, after 21.06.2014 while return tickets can only get unused tax and airport charges, which in Russia is usually very small and on these routes does not exceed a few hundred hryvnia.

Also on June 24 will be non-refundable tickets, airlines Siberia (S7 Airlines) purchased by users together with. In addition, it is expected that in the near future will irrevocably become a low cost airline tickets low cost airline Dobrolet, as well as some other Russian carriers.

Such innovations become possible for airlines in Russia after the adoption of new amendments to legislation, which as of June 21, air carriers in Russia can sell tickets for special non-refundable rates. These changes suggest a tangible reduction in the cost of tickets – if early airline companies was laid in the ticket price, a certain safety reserve, which had to compensate for the loss of the company in case of refusal of the passenger from the flight, now this overpayment will no longer be included in the price, which will make the tickets much cheaper.

But to return non-refundable tickets in Russia, passengers will still be able in some cases – with good reason, for example, in the case of sudden serious illness or death of any of the family members. In such situations, the passenger will be able to count on the return of all funds minus direct expenses which the carrier incurred in connection with the refusal from the flight.

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Date of publication: 23.06.2014

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