Freedom of choice
Freedom of choice

In metro London and there are hotels and museums


Luxury hotels, museums, boutiques and shopping centers will be in place of 50 metro stations of London.

The urban transport network of London, Transport for London, announced the upcoming restructuring of the unclaimed London underground stations, bus stations and other premises belonging to transport services.

In the list of objects affected in the overhaul, were all unprofitable and closed stations of the city metro network, some of which are in a derelict state since the Second world war. Soon their place will be new hotels, offices and shopping malls, flagship stores of popular brands, private apartments and even a new Museum complexes.

Recall, previously we wrote about the fact that the London public transport cheaper for tourists.

According to TfL, such a radical step will help to cope with quite big losses, which each year carry the transport network due to inefficient use of technical areas, and will provide a steady income for development and modernization of the existing network of public transport.

In addition, this additional source of income for the city government to reduce the cost of public transport in London, which is now very high. Another advantage of such solutions — increase in the number of residential properties and office space, which is very important for London, where the population growth rate is steadily increasing every year.

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Date of publication: 04.02.2015

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